DOG TRICK: Hide your Head!


The duty to pay taxes can bring a headache to even the most prepared person.  Why not teach your dog a trick that is sure to give a laugh.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist,

Here’s how to teach your dog to hide his head when you ask if he filed his taxes.

Using a chair with a cushion attached to the back of the chair, show your dog a treat and place it under the cushion’s front.  Encourage your dog to take the treat while saying, “TAXES.”

Place the treat farther toward the rear of the cushion so that your dog now has to bury his entire head under the cushion to get the treat.  Tell him “TAXES”  and encourage him to find the treat.

Continue to work with your dog in the same way, but without placing a treat under the cushion.

As your dog sniffs around under the cushion, reach under the cushion from the rear.  Praise and give your dog the treat.

When your dog is sniffing under the cushion, lengthen the time with his head under the cushion before reaching under the cushion and giving praise and the treat.

Using a large, soft pillow, move to the ground with this trick, repeating the steps above.

Later you can modify this trick using a blanket or paper bag.

Here’s a couple of tips to help you:

  • Use a pillow that is light enough that your dog can put his head under without feeling suffocated.
  • Use a soft and big pillow that your dog can’t push aside and get the treat.
  • Always reward your dog while he is in the correct position, with his head under the cushion.
  • Teach this treat about 100 times
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