DOG TRICK: Teaching Beg

by Laura Pakis, certified dog trainer and professional blogger

Your dog may already countersurf or look for crumbs under the table, but teaching him the dog trick beg can make the whole process more enjoyable.  It’s not hard, just follow these few steps.  A plus to this command is that the act of “begging” will actually improve your dog’s core muscles.

Have your dog sit. facing you. Hold his favorite treat just above his head and tell him, “Say please.” Your dog will probably lift his front feet off the ground to reach the treat. As soon as the feet are lifted even a little bit give him the treat.

TIP:  This is a hard trick for most dogs. Wait a little longer each time before giving the treat but be careful not to let your dog fall over on his back. You are helping your dog develop his balance. Be kind and only do this a couple of times.

Remember that tricks are mainly meant to give your dog some meaningful activity — this means two things:

1. Don’t bore your dog with these tricks, only do them as long as you both are having fun, and when he has mastered one thing, think of something new instead of just repeating the old routines;

2. Some of them may require lots of time to learn. Don’t worry, that’s exactly why they are so useful — in order to master the trick your dog needs to concentrate very much and use his brain! Progress in small steps if needed, and don’t forget to reward your dog when he makes progress!

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