Dog Walking Essentials so you both can enjoy Walkies

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Nothing beats a stroll with your dog. They love being outside, exploring, running around, and meeting other dogs. At the same time, you get some exercise and the chance to spend quality time with your best friend.

But any dog owner will tell you there are good walks and bad walks. And the difference can rest with how prepared you are for your walk and what you take with you. Make your dog walks a pleasure, not a chore, with the following essentials to help you both enjoy walkies.

The right clothing

  1. The right clothing is a must for both you and your dog. You’ll need clothing that is warm and comfortable, with waterproof clothes for those wetter walks. For your dog, you should look at getting a waterproof coat or even a suit for, particularly muddy dogs.

When you’re both dressed appropriately, you’ll be much better prepared for your walk.

A sturdy leash

Maintaining firm control of your dog is a must when you’re out walking – you don’t want the dog to run off or get into trouble with another dog. A sturdy leash will help you keep your dog closer to you, and a non-extendable leash is recommended to help your dog stay close.

Bek & Co has a wide selection of leashes and collars to ensure your dog is kept safe on a walk. A harness is also a great idea to keep your dog controlled without having to pull on its neck.

Some tasty treats

A walk is always a good opportunity for a training session, and there will continue to be things your dog needs to learn. Some tasty treats can help reinforce good behavior, or you could try other ways of praising your dog. Being able to distract your dog when they’re fixated on other dogs, people, or they’re not listening while you’re out is something you can teach them in time to help them become better-socialized dogs.  

Toys for playing 

Dogs will find a lot to keep them entertained during a walk. All of that sniffing and finding other dogs is great fun, and it keeps them stimulated. But if you want to tire them out or there’s nobody else around, bringing some toys for their walk is a fantastic idea. A ball is always a favorite, or you could bring along something else they might love to throw around, so you can both get some exercise in.

Final Thoughts

Spending time out walking with your dog is a simple pleasure that’s free and easy, bringing a lot of happiness to you and your dog. With some effective training and plenty of treats, you can help transform your dog into a delightful walking companion. Teaching good walking manners keeps you, your dog, and other animals safe. Treat you and your furry friend to some new walking accessories and get ready to enjoy some wonderful walks together.

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