Doggie Derby Days 2013

If your dog can sit and down he can register to race in Acme Canine’s Doggie Derby.  Dogs compete by moving along spaces on a course determined by the roll of a die.  Each turn requiring the dog to either hold a sit or hold a down.  If the dog breaks a command, they are eliminated from the heat.  The first dog to make it to the end of the course without breaking commands wins the race.  They will receive a prize and have their picture published and owners listed on Acme Canine’s facebook page. (read more)

The races take place 2pm on Sundays in May.

6 dogs per heat and 3 heats on May 5, 12, 19 and 26.

Dog trainers and dog owners alike can compete in the races….We’d love to have a friendly competition between Columbus Dog Trainers.

$20 to enter a dog to race.  Prizes for winning include tickets to Columbus Clippers, dog beds, grooming certificates and more.

Anyone can watch the race and can also give a $5 donation “bet” or product donation on who they feel the winning dog will be.  Winning bets receive a free bath at Acme Canine.

All proceeds go to our nonprofit organization for 2013, Circle Tail.

Sign up now – space is limited!

For more information contact your favoriteColumbus dog training facility at 740-548-1717 or

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