Not all companies are created equal when it comes to the acceptance of dogs in the workplace. Some readily welcome your best friend while others have not yet realized the benefits of allowing dogs. The majority of companies that allow dogs are small start-up companies who realize the need for a flexible work environment or large high tech firms that allow dogs in order to capture the interest of a prospective employee or to retain their current employees.

Half of all American households have at least one dog or cat – pets they treat as family members. A pet-friendly policy is a logical component of a comprehensive program to help employees maintain work-life balance. Allowing pets in the workplace helps reduce stress and anxiety. Employees don’t have to worry or feel guilty about leaving their pet home alone. They aren’t under pressure to rush home and walk their dog at the end of the day.

The benefits of welcoming pets at work aren’t limited to dog owners. Businesses that have a pet-friendly policy say it improves the atmosphere for all employees, especially at companies where people work long hours or sit at a computer all day. With pets on the premises, employees are encouraged to take a break once in awhile to play with one of the office dogs. It’s a stress reliever and morale-booster for everyone.

A pet-friendly workplace is also an effective recruitment and retention tool.

An American Pet Products Manufacturers Association survey of businesses allowing pets in the workplace confirmed the benefits:

•           73 percent of the companies surveyed said pets create a more productive work    environment.

•           27 percent reported a decrease in employee absenteeism.

•           73 percent indicated pets led to a more productive work environment.

•           96 percent said pets created positive work relations.

•           58 percent of employees stayed late with pets in the office.

Read what your dog needs to successfully be in the workplace:


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