Dogs need to play so why not provide a Kong?

All dogs need time to play, so why not provide a dog toy that offers various opportunities.

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Cynologist

Choosing a toy for your dog might seem like a simple thing, but there are a lot of factors to weigh in. Keep in mind that a toy should serve as entertainment but also stimulate your dog’s learning abilities. You can opt for toys that the dog will use on his own or choose interactive ones, as these allow you to play together and form an unbreakable bond.

The classic Kong dog toy serves as a:

Fetch Toy

The shape of the Kong causes it to bounce erratically.  This not only stimulates a dog’s chase drive but encourages play as well as retrieval.  The unpredictable bounce which dogs like to chase makes each game you play with the new.

Chew toy

This durable rubber toy is great for any chewer.  It comes in three sizes for any dog to find comfortable to hold in its mouth.  Besides, it comes in various hardness, so even the most powerful chewer will enjoy this toy.

Puppies need to establish healthy chewing habits.  Chewing on a soft puppy Kong helps to alleviate teething pain and promote the entry of growing teeth.

Chewing also keeps jaws strong and teeth clean.

Just recently, Kong added a hardness for Senior dogs to chew on.

Treat puzzle

The classic Kong has a hole to insert food in.  You can adjust the difficultly of removal of the food.  This provides challenging mental stimulation. Your dog has to work to eat. The stuffed Kong acts as a diversion to boredom since it provides a means to keep a dog busy on its own. It is also a proven stress reliever.   This offers a heavy dose of rewarding play along the way.

Final Note

It is important to have various toys for your dog, but only offer your dog 1 or 2 of those toys and rotate the toys when your dog tires of them. And be sure to include a Kong as one of your toys.  Acme Canine has provided Kongs as part of their daycare enrichment.  Our trainers use Kongs for training and with their own dogs.  It’s a great product, and Acme Canine gives Kong 5 paws up for quality, integrity, and high standards of their company.

We have also added Kong to our Acme Approved products page.

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