Dogsnob ZOOMIES Mobility Chews

Looking for something to fill the nutritional gaps left by traditional kibble?  These supplements can help ensure your pet is always feeling and looking their absolute best.

When Acme Canine started back in 2004, we committed to assisting dog owners with their dog’s behavior and their health and well-being.  So testing dog products has always been a part of our goal.

Dogsnob contacted us about a month or so ago and asked if we would mind writing a review on their mobility chews, ZOOMIES.  We agreed and sent them off to one of our canine testers, Charlie.  Charlie is a 9-year old Golden Retriever.  Keeping his hips and joints healthy is very important to his owner, Amanda Brown, so she was thrilled to test them on Charlie.  Because of Charlie’s weight, he took three chews a day.  The chews were small and easy to give to Charlie.  And he loved the smoked chicken flavor and scent.  In fact, he pulled out all of his tricks for them!

Zoomies Mobility Chews

The Zoomie Chews formula is made in the United States and crafted with premium ingredients known to help keep bones & joints healthy in young pups while reducing inflammation and pain for senior dogs.  The Dogsnob chews provide just what Charlie needs: glucosamine and chondroitin from natural animal sources.  Along with other good ingredients to keep Charlie healthy.

They cost about $28.00 ($25.20 if you have a subscription) for 100 chews and come with a 90-day guarantee and free US shipping.

Since they are a chew rather than a pill, dogs have no problem taking them.

Because they contain ingredients that may conflict with some medications, it is recommended to speak with your veterinarian before starting this DogSnob product.

Final Thoughts

Acme Canine and Charlie give the Zoomie Chews 4-paws up for great taste, ease of giving, and quality ingredients.  Also, Acme Canine commends Dogsnob’s integrity and transparency as a company that truly cares about its product.

They even have a 90-day guarantee,


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