Dogtra ARC remote trainer

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The Dogtra Arc Remote Trainer is stated to be “one of the most advanced dog training collars available on the market today”.   The collar is designed different than most dog training collars. Its ergonomic shape is meant to prevent the dog from even knowing it’s on.  The shape also improves the reliability of the contact points as well.   For those pet owners who are concerned about being discreet when using an e-collar, the Dogtra ARC’s curved receiver is smaller than most e-collars so neighbors or other dog owners won’t notice your dog has a collar on them.

The Dogtra transmitter is compact and fairly easy to use once you understand the button placement.   In addition, it is specifically designed to be expandable for up to 2 dogs so you don’t need to purchase an extra system for each dog.

A nice feature is that the remote control transmitter and the receiver/ collar are completely waterproof so you can feel comfortable training in all weather conditions.  And the LCD screen not only displays the amount of stimulation that you currently have your system set for, but also the remaining battery life so you are never caught off guard with a dead battery while training.

The Dogtra ARC offers up to ¾ mile of line of sight range making it ideal for pet owners who wish to allow their dog a little extra freedom.   Dogtra is quick to add, “ like all electric dog training devices, the amount of range that is accomplished can vary significantly depending upon the terrain, adverse weather conditions and interruption from trees and buildings.”

As perfect a tool as it seems we did find some room for improvement.

  • The collar’s shape limits its use with larger dogs. It is best suited for mild to moderate temperament dogs from 15 lbs. to 120 lbs.  We would like to see the same system available for smaller dogs and more stubborn dogs as well.
  • While the non-stimulating vibration function is obviously a nice feature to have, some dogs simply respond better to a warning tone, and that feature is not available with the Dogtra ARC. Several of our testers were turned off by the Dogtra Arc for this reason.
  • A couple of testers complained about the stims sensitivity and felt it could be better regulated. This by far is the WORST FLAW of the remote. The dial allows you to set a stim range from 0-127. However, the sensitivity will change very easily with the slightest touch or just brushing against your clothing.

Acme gives the Dogtra ARC 4 paws for design and discreetness, but an overall score of 3paws due to the sensitivity with the regulator.




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