Don’t Let Your Dog Flunk Obedience: Part 3 of 3

 The Benefits of Private Lessons for Dogs

By Laura Pakis, certified professional trainer and blogger

If someone is looking for dog training that will be safe, relationship-based and 100% focused on them, then private one-on-one obedience training is the best bet. Some argue that private training yields the best results, because the trainer is going to gear every session towards their client’s goals using training methods appropriate for their dog’s personality and temperament. Private lessons provide much more detail to training. This is a disadvantage of group classes where the trainer’s focus is divided among several individuals and a variety of dog personalities.

Combining Private Lessons & Group Classes for Your Dog

Some dog owners opt to use both environments to their advantage. Start off training your dog using private lessons. Then once your dog has a solid foundation of obedience, continue training using group classes to improve command reliability or develop a specialty, such as Therapy Dog or Agility.

 Private Dog Lessons vs. Group Lessons

It is difficult to say that one environment is better than the other. Both types of training environments have their advantages and disadvantages. One thing they have in common is they help dog owners stay focused on their goals for a well-mannered dog. The benefits of either type of training are accountability and scheduling. For many people, making an appointment with a trainer helps them stay true to their commitment to training their dog.

The Truest Lesson Taught in Any Professional Dog Training Course

No matter which training environment you chose it is important to remember that training never ends. Just like any good relationship, you have to keep working at it. A six- or eight-week course is not a lifetime guarantee of good behavior nor is a series of private lessons. Training is an investment in gaining the tools to maintain your dog’s good behavior.

Obedience is a way of life and one every dog owner should participate in.

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