“Doo” the Right Thing and PUP!

Want a free, fun prize for your dog? Acme Canine Resource Center is joining with the City of Columbus to protect our water and help dog owners to some cool loot.

It’s all part of a new pet waste campaign called PUP (Pick Up Poop). PUP reminds dog owners to always pick up after their pooches whether in their own backyards or out on a stroll. It’s the law  – and keeps our water clean and safe.

Take the PUP Pledge Today. Get Free Pet Prizes

It only takes a few minutes. Promise to PUP to keep Columbus water clean and the City will send you PUP biodegradable bags or a bandana – one per household while supplies last. Visit Columbus.gov/PUP to sign up or call the PUP hotline: 614-724-3000

PUPPing Is Good for Everyone

When it rains, the nasty bacteria in poop – like E. coli – washes into puddles and storm drains, which flow into nearby streams and rivers. None of this water is treated and once polluted, it can cause diseases for people and problems for fish and animals. Even a tiny dog’s poop can be harmful.

Let’s Talk Dirty
There are about 277,000 dogs in Franklin County. Each creates an average of .75 pounds of waste daily. That’s nearly 104 tons of dog poop per day polluting our water when it rains. Yuck! And that’s not good for our health or the environment.

Why Is Bagging Better?

While bagged poop still goes into the landfill, it eliminates the direct contribution of bacteria to local waterways. Biodegradable bags help even more. Find other eco-friendly options and more ways to make your home a GreenSpot at columbus.gov/PUP.