Do’s and Don’ts of Dog Food

As dog owners, it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole when it comes to figuring out the best dog food for your dog.

The internet is filled with advice from everyone, from leading brands to nutrition and training specialists. 

While there are some ingredients that your dog absolutely cannot have, each dog is different in what they need in their diet. Depending on their breed and size, if you have two very different dogs, you can expect to buy very different foods to meet their dietary needs. 

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts when buying food to get you started;


Check the Reviews

Commercial pet food brands do not have the best reputation for unbiased dog food reviews. 

Before dedicating to any dog food brand, you should research it thoroughly. Some pet food brands have been known to severely damage animals’ health, so knowing what you are getting is crucial.

You will quickly work out what brands don’t take care of ingredients and quality. However, there are some exceptions. Freshpet dog food reviews are a great example. They offer unbiased reviews directly from dog owners to offer a little assurance.

Buy a Canned AND Dry Dog Food

Dog food that is canned offers a fresh addition to the diet that dogs love. Packing in heaps of flavor and the proper nutrition, it’s an essential addition to a dog’s diet.

Dogs are often don’t drink enough water. By adding canned food into the diet, you are helping them to hydrate properly. 

Many dog owners choose not to use canned food due to the expense and the wastage if your dog does not eat straight away. A good tactic for this is to add a little hot water to boost the aroma of the food.

As the canned food is not dried out and exposed to heat when being prepared, the nutrition levels don’t leave the ingredients, offering a balanced meal. 


Buy into Commercial Brands

While commercial brands may be accredited and checked by associations, the content of dog food products is where the quality line blurs. 

Heavily processed foods avoid naming the meats used in dog food, opting for questionable ‘meat meal’ or just ‘meat.’ Mystery meats are mixed with various other ingredients like dangerous chemicals and unhealthy grains that your dog should not be eating.

 If your dog has a reaction or is irritated by the food they consume, it becomes challenging to identify the problem.

By opting for brands that name the type of meat, among other ingredients, you’ll be able to identify the source of the problem much faster.

Put a Limit on Human Food

A healthy and balanced diet comes from a variety of nutritious foods. 

Dogs need a mix of food to maintain their strength and health, including human foods. 

Dogs can eat an impressive number of human foods. By mixing up a mix of ingredients and canned and dry food from day to day, known as rotational feeding, they will get the nutrients they need. More variety will lessen the chance of allergens occurring further down the line.

The most important thing to remember when looking at dog foods is that they deliver the right minerals, vitamins, and proteins that your dog needs. By avoiding chemicals and questionable sources, you’ll find the right food for your dog to live a long and happy life. 

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