Essential Dog Behavior At The Dog Park: Is Your Dog Ready?

As much as we would like to believe that we are all our dogs need when it comes to a social life, this may not always be the case. There are certain dogs who really love to be with other dogs. This is a dog that would never dream of fighting with another dog and would much rather run and jump and sniff things with them instead. When the idea of a Dog Park was born, this was the dog behavior that the creator had in mind. If you have been thinking that the dog park might be a good form of mental and physical exercise for your best friend, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know before taking your pet to a public dog park.

Public Dog Park Dog

Puppies are probably the best candidates for the public dog park experience. This is a great opportunity for the young dog to learn more about other people and dogs. The older dog will tend to be more cautious and can find it more difficult to let down their guard and really enjoy just playing. The young dog still plays with abandon and often with every other dog at the park. If your older dog is well-socialized then they will definitely benefit from their time spent there. Generally, unaltered dogs should not be brought to the park unless their owner knows that there will not be a problem with unwelcome advances toward the other dogs in the park. Additionally, dogs should be healthy, current on their shots and fit enough to engage in vigorous play. A veterinarian’s clearance would be a good idea before your pet’s first experience.

Private Dog Park Dog

Puppies who have not yet completed their vaccinations would be advised to have private outdoor experiences, for their health as well as the health of any other dogs they come in contact with. Aggressive, nervous or anxious dogs should also avoid a busy park and might try a visit during more quiet times until they feel more comfortable. If you recognize a bit of a “bully” in your pet, additional socialization efforts can help them experience a change of attitude and once you can observe them wanting to play instead of dominate, you can reward them with a trip to the park. Another dog personality type that might be better off in a private situation is the “geek” dog. He is the pup that has the best intentions, but has a hard time controlling his exuberance. He is the canine misfit who you feel sorry for because he is so clueless in social situations. Of course, common sense dictates that a dog in heat would create a completely u nmanageable situation in a public park so they should stay home during this time their cycle.

If you would like to be able to take your dog to a Central Ohio dog park so that you can both have a nice time socializing, but behavior problems have made it impossible in the past, we can help you find ways that you can teach your best friend to relax and enjoy their time in the company of other dogs. We understand that the benefits that your pet will experience definitely outweigh any possible negative situations that might arise.

Contact us and we will help get your dog ready for the fun of the Dog Park.