Essential Healthcare Your New Puppy Needs

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It’s exciting to welcome home a new puppy, and while you should prepare for your new puppy by investing in the essentials, you should prioritize your puppy’s health and wellbeing.

It’s exhilarating to welcome home a new puppy, even if you already have a few pets in your home. And while you should prepare for your new puppy by investing in all the essentials they will need, such as a pet bed, chew toys, suitable puppy food, and various others. It would be best if you also prioritized your puppy’s health and wellbeing.

So, to ensure your new puppy stays in perfect health in their first year with you, you must consider these essential health needs of your furry family addition.

Vital Vaccinations

Your puppy will need to visit Paoli Vet or your local vet at seven weeks, ten weeks, 13 weeks, 16 weeks, and again at one year of age for vital vaccinations. These vaccines range from rabies shots and Lyme disease to leptospirosis, bordetella, and booster shots.

It is essential to ensure your new puppy gets all the vaccinations they need to prevent developing various ailments, some of which can be fatal for a small pup.


Puppies are pretty prone to getting various worms. And while worms might not seem like the most concerning health complaint, a worm infestation in a young pup that is neglected for too long can be fatal.

Instead of neglecting deworming, you should purchase dewormers tablets or liquid from your local vet. It is also essential to deworm every six months.

Oral Health Care

We might assume that cats and dogs don’t need oral health care, although health problems can arise if they neglect oral hygiene. These health concerns can include halitosis and bad breath.

The best ways to care for your pups’ oral health are regular vet checks, specially formulated pet toothpaste, a canine toothbrush, and dietary supervision. Healthy eating habits are crucial for dogs, as eating the wrong foods can also lead to bad breath and oral hygiene concerns.

Tick And Flea Solutions

Lastly, your pup will need tick and flea solutions, as they are also prone to acquiring these pesky pests. What’s more, ticks and fleas can also be carried into your home by your new puppy if you don’t manage the concern right from the start.

Fortunately, keeping ticks and fleas at bay is pretty simple. Follow with proper grooming such as brushing. You’ll need a specially formulated tick and flea shampoo to bathe your pet every couple of weeks. In addition, you should also consider a tick and flea collar, as these contain scents that repel ticks and fleas.

Caring for the health of your new puppy is not as complicated as you might think. With the right dedicated vet and the right products, your puppy will stay in good health. And with that said, you must also carefully consider your pet’s diet; some pet foods are genuinely not suitable for pets, even though they are labeled ideal.

Your vet will recommend the best pet food for your pup during your first checkup. And it is essential to avoid cheap alternatives that would cause digestive issues for your puppy and lead to various health complaints.

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