Essential Items You Need Before Opening a Doggie Daycare

There has never been a better time than now to start up a doggie daycare. Done right, such a venture could prove to be extremely profitable year after year.

According to the American Pet Products Association report, approximately 63 million US households reported owning dogs in 2019. This number has likely surged with the increase in adoptions and rescues during the lockdowns in 2020. With more people heading back to the office, employees will probably need to leave their fur kids alone at home, a thought that distresses many a pet parent.

This particular set of circumstances presents a prime opportunity for savvy business people to cater to these pet parents’ needs. To be more specific, there has never been a better time than now to start up a doggie daycare. Done right, such a venture could prove to be extremely profitable year after year. After all, for as long as there are busy pet owners, there will be fur babies that need looking after.

Are you considering starting a doggie daycare of your very own? Besides coming up with a business plan, a solid brand identity, and finding the perfect location, you’ll also need to stock up on a few essential things to keep the daycare running smoothly.

While some products may seem to be a given—such as leashes, harnesses, and first aid kits, to name a few—there are a few handy items that many first-time doggie daycare owners forget about for one reason or another. That said, make sure to put the following on your company’s regular supply list:

For Managing the Pups

Custom Branded Bandanas

To keep track of each dog in your care, you’ll need to develop a simple but reliable system for doing so. With that in mind, you may want to consider ordering a small batch of custom branded bandanas. You can use these simple garments to categorize each pup according to any criteria you deem necessary or helpful.

For example, you can use bandana colors to identify which pets are only staying for half a day and which ones will be staying for a full day. Alternatively, you can also use colored bandanas to represent different canine temperaments. You can use red bandanas for aggressive dogs, blue bandanas for the friendlier ones, and yellow bandanas for skittish pooches. Suppose you or your staff feel that categorizing pets by temperament may be too subjective. In that case, you can also consider creating a system where each bandana color corresponds to pups belonging to specific age groups.

Kennels and Cages

As discussed above, you’ll likely have to manage pups with different kinds of temperaments. Some dogs may be more aggressive and easy to provoke, while others may be shy and quick to spook. Such differences in temperaments may cause a fight to break out between the pets in your care, and the poor dogs may end up sustaining injuries after the fact.

Still, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. Still, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. Ideally, your daycare’s play area should be big enough to allow your customers’ fur babies to roam around freely. o, consider purchasing several sturdy and spacious kennels and cages. To account for different canine breeds, make sure to get these products in a wide range of sizes. You can use these products to cordon off parts of the daycare to serve as time-out areas for unruly pooches. If these sorts of altercations occur under your staff’s watch, these products will act as barriers that will keep the dogs in question from reaching and hurting each other any further.

For Keeping the Daycare in Tip-top Condition

Poop and Scoop Bags

Because you’ll be handling numerous dogs that aren’t used to your daycare environment, expect them to poop and pee in certain areas before you can train them to do otherwise. That’s why having enough poop and scoop bags on hand is essential to keeping your daycare’s floors free of unsightly and unhygienic pet waste. Additionally, you’ll need a steady supply of poop bags, as your staff will likely be using lots of them throughout the day.

Basic Cleaning Tools and Supplies

No customer would ever want to leave their dogs behind in a dirty and grimy daycare center. Everything needs to look spick and span so your customers know they can trust you with their pets. To gain your customers’ trust, make sure that your staff regularly cleans your daycare’s floors, walls, furniture, toys, and tools.

Of course, you’ll first need to purchase the necessary supplies for these tasks. Start by investing in sturdy buckets, mops, brooms, and dustpans for your stockroom. You’ll also want to purchase cleaning cloths, spray bottles, and pet-safe cleaning detergents and disinfectants. Set a regular schedule for wiping down and disinfecting the whole daycare, too, as it’s vital to eliminate any bacteria or viruses that could be potentially harmful to your customers’ pups.

Having all of the above items in ready supply will be sure to contribute to smooth and hassle-free operations at your daycare. As long as you have enough of these products in stock, your staff will have everything they need to provide your customers’ fur babies with the best of care.

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