Everything You Need to Know to Take Care of Your Dog

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If you are a new dog parent or just looking for tips on properly caring for your dog, continue reading as we give you a list of everything you need to know to be the best dog parent.

Dogs effortlessly bring so much happiness into our lives. They make us feel relaxed, they can make us happy, and they are always there for us anytime and no matter what. If you live alone, you may feel alone sometimes, but if you have a dog, you instantly have a companion. Everyday life is very stressful and can make us feel anxious. The good thing is, dogs can really help us be relaxed and can make our worries go away.

With lots of things they give to us, we have to reciprocate it. We have to take care of them and provide for them. If you are a new dog parent or just looking for tips on how to care how to care for your dog, continue reading as we give you a list of everything you need to know to be the best pet parent.

1.  Give Them a Safe and Clean Home

Provide your dog space where it can be protected from danger and hazards. As much as possible, give your pets a place where they can rest, eat, and play comfortably. It shouldn’t be too cramped, too hot, or dangerous for them to live in. If they stay inside the house, make sure you vacuum to keep it clean from hair and dirt, and consider flea infestation once in a while. Moreover, having a clean home means a healthy and happy pet.

2.  Provide Access to Quality Food and Fresh Water

Food and water is the most important thing to give to a dog, and you have to note that not all dogs have the same requirements in terms of food and water. For example, Pitbulls require quality dog food and a precise amount of food for them to survive. There are nutritional needs that are based on their size, activity, age, and those alike. Bigger dogs require two feeding times, while puppies require three or more feedings a day. The same goes for water, as they should always be well hydrated to be healthy and energized.

3.  Regularly Visit Veterinarians

You need to give your pets access to the veterinarian clinic, meaning regular vaccinations, deworming, and check-ups. Not all illnesses will show symptoms, and visiting the vet regularly will be helpful. Moreover, they are experts in the field, so you can ask them for tips and methods to keep your dog healthy.

4.  Encourage Them to Exercise

Let your dog be active and encourage it to get regular exercise to be fit. If you have time, do regular walks and let your pet be active in parks or outside. Putting your dog on a leash or inside the cage all the time will not just upset them but also make them unhealthy. Help your dog be in shape, so they will be capable of doing activities that they like.

5.  Teach Them Simple Commands

While we think dogs are just animals, they are capable of learning basic things. Teach them necessary commands that they can use in everyday life, like commands in eating, walking, potty training, and even saving you and your family’s life. It will be helpful if you teach them the command to stop doing things that are not allowed. You can use positive reinforcement or relationship-based training.

6.  Pay Attention to Dental Care

Pet owners commonly neglect dental hygiene. However, this should be one of the top priorities. Many breeds are prone to gum diseases that can result in serious issues. These bacteria can cause an infection that can affect the heart, kidneys, and liver. Moreover, it can cause losing all of the teeth. Practice good dental hygiene like brushing teeth and giving you dog toys that can clean the teeth. Have them checked by a veterinarian regularly.

7.  Impose Proper Hygiene and Grooming

It would be best if you bathed your dog regularly, depending on breed and bathing restrictions. If they have long hair and developing matts, you can bring them to a grooming shop for a haircut. Nail trimming is also important to prevent you and your dog from having scratches. Long nails can also be painful when broken and make it hard for them to walk.

These are basic things on how to care for your dog, but what is more important is having a good connection with your pet. Make room for some quality time in your everyday schedule for you to get to know your pets and understand them. Pay special attention to any signs of aggression and illness that might affect them and give them the tender love and care they deserve.

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