Fear of thunderstorms and things that go BOOM

Many dogs react to the thunderous booms, lighting, high winds, and even the changes in barometric pressures that are part of a storm. Your dog may exhibit signs of avoidance or appearing uneasy. More heightened fear responses are panting, pacing, agitation, or anxiousness. There may be several reasons why dogs react negatively to thunder storms: lack of socialization (to include loud noises and thunder storms) as a young puppy; traumatic experience associated with a thunder storm; lack of self confidence, shyness, and timidity.

Although a fear of thunder storms is quite common, it is entirely possible to help your dog overcome his fears and lead a happier, healthier life. It is important to treat the fear and not just the dog’s reaction to the fear. Acme Canine has coached many owners in helping get to the root of the behavior problem in their dog. If this behavior problem is not corrected the dog’s responses may worsen. It is quite common for shyness and fear to lead to aggression and biting.