Feeling like a meal ticket rather than your dog’s leader?

Take this test to see if your canine relationship is thriving.

1.  Does your dog take you for a walk?

2.  Does your dog have selective hearing?

3.  Does your dog demand to be petted all of the time?

4.  Does your dog follow you everywhere you go?

5.  Does your dog hog the bed?

6.  Is your dog overly protective of you?

7.  Is your dog afraid of the unknown?

8.  Is your dog a countersurfer or table solicitor?

9.  Does your dog use your hand as a chew toy?

10. Does your dog molest your guests?

Dogs love us unconditionally but may not always be mans best friend.  If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, contact Acme Canine.  We can help you redefine your relationship and strengthen your bond with your canine companion.


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