Few Answers Behind Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate?

Pomegranate is an amazing fruit for humans, but is it dangerous for dogs?

By Guest Blogger, Alice Green

Food concerns are the biggest issue for a pet owner and if you have a dog in your home then you need to be super careful about your dog’s diet.  Dogs are omnivorous so they tend to eat almost everything starting from vegetables, fruits to meat and fish, but not everything is considered healthy for them. Most of the time owners serve their dogs food that they eat which seems to be the worst practice because our digestive structure is different from that of a dog.  What we can digest, dogs cannot always digest and so complications start appearing. There is some food which is considered as a super food for human.  Pet owners assume that that food might be beneficial for dogs.  One such food is pomegranate which is amazing for human but is it dangerous for dogs?

There are so many benefits of having pomegranate as it is filled with loads of vitamin and at the same time, it is also packed with antioxidants. Pomegranate is a sweet fruit that has some juicy red beads that are combined together and each bead has a small seed which is also edible. If a human would have pomegranate on a regular basis then the person would never face iron deficiency.  Pomegranate serves a sufficient amount of vitamin C which has amazing health benefits of its own.

It is clear pomegranate is amazing for you so the matter of concern is whether a pomegranate is good for your dog or not. The most important question here is what can actually happen to a dog if he would consider having pomegranate often.

Effects of pomegranate on dogs is a matter which can worry you for sure because what is good for us may not be good for dogs.  You can find on petsnurturing a detailed guide regarding if a dog can eat pomegranate?

Can you give your dog pomegranate?

Whether pomegranate is a good food or not is still a hot topic for debate and different people have different assumptions about this issue. Some pet owners cannot stress enough on how good pomegranate can be for dogs.  Other pet lovers or owners think feeding your dog pomegranates can be against their natural food habits and so it can be quite dangerous for dogs.

To complicate matters, even dogs have different opinions of pomegranates.  There are dogs who love having pomegranate in general but also there are dogs who absolutely hate having this fruit. Of course, there are dogs who have never tasted pomegranate in their life.

It is important to know your dog’s taste about pomegranate and secondly, you should know why you even want your dog to eat or not eat a pomegranate. In some cases, it has been seen that people themselves love pomegranate so they eagerly wait to share it with their paw buddy. In some cases, people get stunned by the benefits of pomegranate so they try to include that in their dog’s diet so that even their dog can get that punch of antioxidant in their life.

The question remains about how well this fruit can be for your dog.

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