Fitness with Fido, a dog/human exercise workshop

How much serious thought have you given to dog fitness?

NOTE:  This event is no longer occurring

If you’re like many dog enthusiasts, you may believe that your dog is doing just fine managing things for himself, but the fact is that many dogs could benefit from a little active fitness management on the part of their caretakers.

Like their human counterparts, dogs need a fitness regimen to keep them on the path to good health. The key in any dog fitness regimen is you. As the owner, it is up to you to set the routine, find the motivation and get out there and exercise with your dog.

Acme Canine offers a weekly exercise class for dogs and dog owners on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm starting September  8, 2010.

Dog/owner teams will be working with personal fitness trainer Stacy Gotti and dog trainer Lisa Lennon.  The class is similar to Thank Dog Boot Camp and the New York dog fitness class.

Fitness with Fido

Acme Canine and personal trainer Stacy Gotti have teamed up to create a weekly, fun, and effective canine weight loss program to increase public awareness about the importance of exercising their dogs.   The class Fitness Fun with Fido offers all the tools participants need to achieve a lifetime of good health for themselves and their four-legged workout partners, too!  Acme Canine will even “rent” a dog for those interested in exercising but don’t have a dog.  For more information on this class or learn more about dog fitness, contact Acme Canine at 740.548.1717.

Additional Information

Fitness Fun with Fido 6:30 pm to 7:30m Wednesdays Does your furry friend get the exercise it needs? Are you looking for a way to improve your dog’s obedience? With this course, you will find a program that will turn your dog into your workout buddy, and you’ll both lose weight and feel great in the process.  Inspired by a personal trainer, Stacy Gotti, Acme Canine has teamed up to create a progressive, fun, and effective weight loss program…Fitness Fun with Fido. With how-to demonstrations, quizzes, handouts, safety tips, and expert advice, Fitness Fun with Fido offers all the tools participants need to achieve a lifetime of good health for themselves and your four-legged workout partners, too!

Topics covered:

· Enhanced walking w/distraction work to build your dog’s obedience reliability

· Games to play with your dog to improve health and fitness

· Stretching and socializing exercises for your dog

· Proper nutrition

Cost: $35/WEEK; $50 deposit to reserve spot; an assessment must attend the class.   This class is open to the public.  Start date: September 8, 2010   Class size is limited to 8 well-socialized dogs, so reserve your space early.  Don’t have a dog?  You can “rent“one from Acme Canine for this event.

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