Flip to Play Pet Crate

We first learned about Richell USA’s Flip To Play Pet Crate after reading an article in Pet Product News.  The flip to play was described as an “ideal way to create a crate as well as a separate playpen area for pets.”  This piqued our interested so we asked Richell USA if we could test one of their crates.  They provided us with the smaller sized version which weighs about 29 lbs with dimensions of 31.9 X 23.4 X 24.4.  Cost is around $200.

The crate arrived unassembled and took about 1 ½ hours to put together.  It is fairly easy to put together but the directions were a little confusing so we had to take pieces apart and re-assemble it.

When used as a crate it works great as a secure area for a small dog (we tested several breeds from a French Bulldog to a Labrador Retriever puppy). The door slides easily and can be secured with a latch to stay open at 180 degrees. The crate also comes with a sliding plastic tray that easily comes out should you need to clean it.

To use as a play area, you need to flip the top outward.  This creates a separate playpen without a floor. By closing the doggy door you can create a divider between the crate area and the play area. Several of our testers were looking for a larger space to cage their small dog while at work.  The flip to play crate provides space for them to lay, drink, and use a potty pad. The tray side is the perfect size for a Yorkie sized dog bed and food/water bowls. The non-tray side works well for a potty pad.

This uniquely designed crate looks like a piece of furniture with wood veneer sides and black wire.  Unfortunately the veneer chips easily especially where the hard knob tightening screw is used to keep the play area in place.  flip to play side

A few of our testers felt the crate couldn’t be put the crate against any walls if they want to quickly flip the play area to crate and back.  One tester had a dog who was able to climb up and get out when the play pen was flipped open (there is no top piece).

Overall both dogs and owners were very happy with this crate and would considering purchasing one.  We give the Richell USA’s Flip To Play Pet Crate  four paws up for versatility, quality workmanship and design.

flip to play1

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