PRODUCT REVIEW: Ugly Christmas Sweaters for you and YOUR DOG

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With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time for ugly Christmas sweaters!

In fact, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is the third Friday in December so if you don’t have your ugly Christmas sweater this post will definitely be of assistance to you.

Just recently Acme Canine was asked by Funky Tails about interest in “testing” a couple of their sweaters; both humans and dogs.  If you know the staff at Acme, we LOVE being tongue in cheek politically incorrect whenever we get the chance and find Ugly Christmas Sweaters a hilariously festive way to wear your holiday spirit.  We agreed.

The sweaters arrived quickly from their company in British Columbia.  We found some eager “test” subjects and, just like elves in Santa’s workshop, went right to work.

Quality of the Sweaters

We noticed immediately how heavy the sweaters were.  They’re of quality construction double-knit acrylic.  After several participants tried on the sweaters, we believe it safe to say the sizing on them is perfect and the sweaters are super comfy. A couple of our test subjects commented that the sweaters were warm after a couple of hours wearing them.  Some believed too warm for wearing long indoors and felt they would be even hotter after consuming spiked eggnog or wassail.   Acme Canine interpreted this as a plus for those who are constantly cold as well as a negative for more warm-blooded individuals.  The dogs didn’t seem too concerned either way. 

What’s nice about the dog sweaters is the thoughtful insertion of a ‘buttonhole’ on the back so you can insert your leash and attach it to your dog’s collar without taking the sweater off.

And you’ll have a great sweater for many years, even after washing according to the directions (cold water and flat dry).

Selection of Design

Although we only received one design, the graphics were done well of a naked Santa (black rectangle covering appropriate part) taking a selfie with a gray dog.  We all agreed it fit the ‘Ugly Sweater” definition and was definitely an unattractive sweater and fairly funny without being too vulgar.  Looking at the Funky Tails website, they have a variety of sweaters to choose from whatever your personal preference is. And if ugly just isn’t your style, they also have cute Christmas sweaters.


We received our sweaters as compensation for this review, but it appears the human sweaters are on sale for $44.99 to $49.99.  The price is pretty comparable to other stores that sell Ugly Sweaters.  The dog sweaters were not on sale and start at $19.99 (they go up a bit in price for larger sweaters).  Shipping is free on orders over $100 so it might be worth going together with someone else when buying your sweaters.


Many of us at Acme Canine dress up our dogs for Halloween so we really like the idea of matching human/dog outfits for the holidays.  Who wouldn’t want to strut around with their dog adorned in identical holiday sweaters enjoying the merriment of the season?

As a company that deals with dogs and knows what they like, we feel these sweaters would be great for any dog that needs to stay warm in the winter.  Funky Tails has done a great job providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

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