Game Changer Dog Toy – perfect for the ‘heavy chewer’

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By Guest Dog Blogger, Miss Moneypenny

Autumn and I received the Game Changer by Bark Busters as a product to test durability.  She and I are considered “heavy chewers” and have destroyed most of the heavy chewer toys that Bark Box sends us in about 10 minutes.  The Game Changer was different.  It’s very sturdy, well made, and seems pretty safe for us dogs. MADE IN USA (Big Plus!)

It’s a round disc-shaped soft rubber toy with 4 holes made of Flexa-Pure – a soft but sturdy, washable, durable, non-toxic PBA-free polyurethane material.

The company says you can put treats in it, but really only small dog food pieces work since the holes are only about 3/8″ in diameter.  It doesn’t hold a lot of food (approx. one-half cup), so it really wouldn’t work as a toy to feed your dog a meal, but it would make a great snack time/past time toy.

Autumn and I have lots of treat/puzzle toys to keep us busy and out of trouble.  Both of us really enjoy this one. We started on the easy level, but it’s just about the right level of difficulty on the hardest setting (top and bottom holes aligned) for Autumn and me to work with without becoming frustrated.  We can push it, shove it, throw it, and roll it.  And the kibble keeps coming out.

YouTube video

After a month with us, our owner, Laura, sent it over to Passion Four Paws to test their daycare dogs.  Here’s what they found:


  • It doesn’t roll under furniture or get stuck under cabinets like some other treat toys.
  • VERY easy to clean and fill
  • Provides a safe way to satisfy a dog’s natural desire to chew by reflexing back when your dog bites down on it.
  • Potentially avoids boredom for a period of time.
  • It is safer for your dog’s teeth than hard toys that can potentially chip or wear teeth down.
  • It is a quiet toy if bounced around because it is made of soft material, great if you live in an apartment or have hardwood floors.
  • After using it daily with 10+ dogs for 3 months, it still looks brand new. No scratches or bite marks
  • It has two levels of difficulty, so you can start easy and work up to the harder level.
Photos courtesy of BarkBusters and Bulbhead.


  • It may be a little heavy (22 oz) for tiny dogs. If you have a toy dog that weighs under 10 pounds, it may be hard for him to flip it over to dispense treats. Ozzie, the dachshund, loved it, though, and the game-changer has been very manageable for him the whole time.
  • Kibble or treats have to be very small.
  • It does not hold a lot of food- approx—one-half cup.

For the dogs at Passion Four Paws and heavy chewers like Autumn and me, this toy truly is a game-changer.  Acme Canine gives it 4 paws up to the Game Changer for quality, durability, and fun for dogs!

We have added the Game Changer to our Acme Approved products page and were not compensated for this post. This post does contain affiliate links, so if you buy one, we’ll

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