Games for kids and dogs

All children should be taught to respect other living beings, be they animal or human. From birth, children need to learn that some things are just not allowed and “be gentle” should be a common household command. Even if your household does not contain animals, your children should still be taught the basics. One day they will encounter a dog whether it is a neighbor’s dog or a meeting on the street with a strange dog.

Tug of war or dogs chasing children isn’t the way for children and dogs to play together.  Children age 6 to 12 benefit from learning how to recognize the advantages of incorporating new and innovative play strategies with their dog and how the wrong game may contribute to increasing bad behaviors.

It can be as simple as assisting them with teaching your dog tricks such as roll over and shake to building on more complicated problem solving games the require the dog to figure out what cup his treat is under or put his toys away.

Teaching games geared toward age appropriate play with dogs develop and encourage better interaction and bond between child and pet.

If you would like to gain more ideas for proper dog play with children, Acme Canine has created a booklet to coach you and your children.

You can purchase it through the Square Store.