Getting a new puppy for the holidays?

Getting a new puppy or dog is one of THE most exciting times in a person’s life and the beginning of a lifelong friendship between dog and person… just know that planning and thinking it over thoroughly is very important.   A dog is a lifestyle decision.  A new dog or puppy will need your constant attention, cash and training for the next ten to fifteen years or more.   A new dog or puppy needs to adjust to its environment.  This may be especially difficult to provide when holiday festivities and presents take center stage.

If you’ve already made up your mind about taking on a furry new family member this holiday, rather than wrapping the pup up to place under the tree, consider these alternatives instead: Purchase a leash, a collar, a good book on raising a puppy, a gift certificate for a veterinary checkup, a gift certificate for puppy socialization classes from one of the local obedience instructors, a book or video tape on the topic of how to select the right dog for your family (there are several, including even a computer program that purports to help you do this), or a gift subscription to one of the dog-oriented magazines.

Acme Canine can further assist you with their “I promise you a dog” gift baskets.  Interested Santas can contact Acme Canine to order your gift basket today! or call (740) 548-1717.


Further information

Acme Canine’s “I promise you a dog” gift baskets.

A puppy gift basket is the perfect way to welcome a new puppy into its new home.  To give a helping hand to the new dog owner, the Acme Canine new arrival basket includes many new puppy essentials which are a must for someone who just got their first puppy.

Puppy gift basket includes: – Puppy blanket

– Preparing for new puppy handout

-$25 Acme Canine gift certificate towards socialization and training services

– Appropriate puppy chew toy

– Picture frame ornament

– And more!  Cost $49.99

For those seeking a little more in a gift for that special new addition to the family, we designed our deluxe edition of the new puppy/dog gift basket. First we’ve included Announcement cards so your friends can tell everyone about the new arrival! We’ve got dog biscuits for treat time. There’s a Kong toy for hours of shared fun together and when they’re tired from their rough and tumble play day, they can sleep on a plush dog blanket.  And of course, we’ve included a $25 Acme Canine gift certificate towards socialization and training services and a few more special items to individualize the gift.

Cost $69.95

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