Great Food Dispensing Toys for Dogs

from Acme Canine Resource Center
Dogs have it easy living this domesticated life nowadays. Before they became man’s best friend, they were scavengers who spent much time searching for food. Now, without having to work for their meals, dogs may exhibit bad behaviors when it comes to eating, such as gobbling their food up practically before you set the bowl down! Not only is it unsafe for your pet to eat so quickly, gobbling his food can potentially indicate more serious behavioral issues, such as aggression when another pet or person comes close to the food dish. Getting your dog to slow down, chew his food, and not stress about where his next meal is coming from are all important goals that pet owners should strive to achieve when feeding their dogs. Food-dispensing toys are not only a wonderful mental distraction for dogs who are coping with boredom-related behavior problems, they are also a perfect means to slow down your fast eater. After all, for most dogs, getting a hold of food is their primary goal in life!

Other than price, there are a few other things to consider when purchasing a food-dispensing toy for your dog. Keep in mind the following:

Difficulty: How challenging is the toy, and can the difficulty level be adjusted?

Durabilty: Is the material the toy is made from durable, and can it withstand the wear and tear of your dog?

Ease of Use: How quickly can you fill it with food? Is it easy to clean?

Storage Size: Can the toy be filled with a whole meal, or just a snack?

The above considered, my dog’s personal favorite is PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom. It’s made of durable plastic that has withstood the test of time. Not only is it easy to fill, easy to clean, and able to slow my boy down, he loves carrying it around to show it off to all the other dogs.

One of our trainers here at Acme, Amy, had this to say about her dog’s favorite food-dispensing toy: I use the Toys R Us Ball Treat Dispenser Dog Toy for my gobbling Chihuahua. She has used it for 8 years for every meal. She uses her nose and paws to maneuver the ball around to get the treats out. Now she eats one piece of food at a time. She went from 10 seconds to 10 minutes at mealtime.

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