Obedience isn’t a trick; it’s a way of life.


Acme Canine knows a thing or two about dogs and can teach you how to improve your canine relationship!

Owner and founder Laura Pakis, is not only a certified professional dog trainer and blogger but a cynologist.  And Laura has decades of experience as an esteemed dog behavior specialist.

She is prepared to give you the advice and daily tricks you need to take back control and create an even stronger bond with your pup.

You will learn how to understand your dog as well as the “why’s” in your dog’s thinking, ultimately helping you to manage his or her behavior and give you a better understanding of your furry loved one.

Check out these websites to assist you with your journey. 

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Websites and Handouts

Looking for a Job in the Pet Profession

Jooble is a vertical job search engine that aggregates and displays job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate, recruiter pages, and newspapers. Jooble is represented in 71 countries and available in 24 languages. https://jooble.org/

In the UK?  And hoping to find information on Dog care jobs?  Check out uk.Jobsora.com

Canine Health

18 Essential Items for Your Dog’s First Aid Kit

DOG OBESITY Here’s an updated, comprehensive guide on how to help your dog lose weight on Your Dog Advisor. https://yourdogadvisor.com/dog-obesity/


Dogs and Children

BENEFITS OF PETS FOR KIDS https://www.directline.com/pet-cover/pets-for-kids

Dog Safety Coloring Book


Learn more about Dogs

KSCO PET RADIO  Great program to learn about animal rescue and pet care. KSCO Pet Radio

LEARN ABOUT PETS Peter Laskay is the person behind this site. He’s been a fan of pets since he was a little kid. This website provides information on the most appropriate care for pets. https://petworshiper.com/

PET OWNERSHIP STATISTICS ComfyLiving.net is where homeowners can find relevant information and precious resources about all kinds of home projects.  Here is a link to learn about pet ownership. https://comfyliving.net/pet-ownership-statistics/

GUIDE TO CLINICAL TRIALS FOR PETS Our pets are members of our families, and so the relationships that we have with them and their health and safety are our top priorities as owners. Like humans, many animals become ill due to a variety of diseases. Safe and controlled clinical trials provide an opportunity for your animal to receive cutting-edge treatment and provide an opportunity for this treatment to be provided in the future to all animals.  To view a dedicated page for clinical trials geared towards the relationship between humans and their animals and animal health and safety (https://policylab.us/resources/guide-clinical-trials-pets/). 

Dog Bite Statistics

To learn more about dog bite statistics, you can check out the full collection of statistics we’ve curated that details all you need to know to stay safe: 25+ Important Dog Bite Statistics & Bites by Breed for 2020-2021  We want to make sure others understand that if there is a Pit Bull biting, it’s not his or her fault. 

Owning a Dog

Behavioral Issues

ADOPTING A SHELTER DOG Here’s an updated, comprehensive guide on why adopting a shelter dog is a rewarding and worthwhile experience on our sister site, Your Dog Advisor. It is completely free, and you can find it here: https://yourdogadvisor.com/adopting-a-dog/.

Gardening with Dogs

Games and Toys


Grooming Booklet


Introducing a new dog


Pet Food


The Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University provides more than 18,500 pets with health and medical care each year. Research and hands-on experience have led the center to develop nutritional information and guidance for pet owners.

Based on the OSU vet center’s research, OSU Vet Center created a calculator to help dog owners learn how much dry dog food to feed their dogs. The pet’s age, activity level, and body condition are input and analyzed against a wide range of dog food brands.

Using the tool, pet owners are shown the resting energy requirements of their pets. The amount of recommended cups per day are revealed depending on brand and other factors. The database contains detailed information on 1,000+ common dog food products, so it’s easy to find a particular brand.

Live pricing for each brand is analyzed across the web, showing daily, monthly, and yearly food costs.

FOODS & HOW SAFE THEY ARE FOR A DOG  MyPetChild.com has prepared a tool that helps dog owners quickly understand how safe it is for dogs to consume specific human foods. https://www.mypetchild.com/tool/dog-food-database/ 

Pet Food Recall Information


Recalls By PawDiet.com

Nutrition and Dogs


Pet Insurance

PAWP   24/7 Unlimited Access to Certified Vets, Text, call, or video chat with a certified veterinarian for any question or concern, big or small. pawp.com

PET INSURANCE What are the payout policies? What if my pet is old? Is pet insurance worth it? – we cover all of these and many more questions in our guide. Our resource is created to help pet owners navigate this tricky area and make better solutions for them and their four-legged friends. Policy Scout can answer your questions https://policyscout.com/pet-insurance-explained

PET INSURANCE Looking for insurance for your pet but unsure which to purchase?  Check out 365 Pet Insurance for answers to your questions https://365petinsurance.com/dog-insurance/


Training Materials



Traveling with Pets

TRAVELING WITH PETS    Here’s a resource that offers essential tips and advice on how to plan for and travel safely with your pets overseas; a practical overview of animal transportation and health quarantine rules, airline restrictions on pets and breeds allowed to fly, and important veterinary and animal welfare advice before traveling as well as useful advice if your pets aren’t coming along, such as doing a trial run if leaving your pets at home for the first time, sorting out pet care and accommodation, and taking your pets to the vet to make sure they’re healthy before you leave.  https://www.comparetravelinsurance.com.au/resources/the-ultimate-guide-to-travelling-with-pets

TRAVELING BY TRAIN WITH YOUR PET Upgraded Points has published a guide that you may find interesting. While flying may seem more convenient, it can be cheaper and less stressful for both pet and owner to travel by train. The guide includes everything from things to consider and a travel checklist to Amtrak’s pet policy and pet carriers.  You can see it here:



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Dog Equipment

Top-quality English Bulldog harnesses – Genuine quality dog collars and leashes, effective training metal chain dog collars.  

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Comfortable walking and training Siberian Husky harnesses – Wide variety of dog collars, dog toys, bite tugs, and muzzles.  

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Everyday uses leather and nylon American Bulldog harness – Efficient training dog collars and muzzles and interactive dog toys.

Training and walking dog leashes for Belgian Malinois – Good quality training harnesses and bite sleeves, dog toys, and tugs.

Everyday use leather and nylon Bullmastiff harnesses – Plenty of dog toys and tugs, dog leashes, and walking collars.