Dogs are our passion!! And we want you to have the best relationship with your dog as you can. Our goal is to be a canine resource for our clients and help them improve their bond with their dog.

Each of the products listed below has been tested by Acme Canine or dogs in our care and we believe the product would be great for your dog.  That’s why we gave it the Acme Canine approval!

If your dog LOVES a product, please share your experience with us along with a JPEG photo.  Who knows, your dog may be our next “Cover Dog.”


A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World™

It’s what we believe, and it’s the message behind all of Dog is Good products. We know how great you feel when you’re with your dog. We also know the profound, positive influence your dog has on your life. Through their broad array of products, Dog is Good lets you share your love of Dog with others.  It’s what you know. It’s who you are. Dog is Great. Dog is Good. Dog is Everything.

Acme Canine has partnered with Dog is Good and now offering its products online.  Click here to see all the unique gifts for dog lovers!


Learn the secrets of running a successful canine business


Dog Treats are one way to train your dog. Rewarding good behavior with dog treats will help your dog become the well-mannered pup you knew it could be. Just remember dog treats have calories so don’t give too many.  Consider them a supplement to their dog food.

Your Dog has Good Taste –


If you are like most dog owners, your house is littered with any number of dog toys. But you can’t figure out what toys are best for your dog.  Dog toys range from balls to fleecy/plush animals to squeakers to interactive toys (I.T.). They are a necessary component of a good relationship with a dog. What your dog will ultimately play with depends on his tastes and what you allow him to have, and what you have given value to.

Here are some of Acme Canine’s favorites.

PETMATE: Pet Products made for and by pet people


DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Game Changer Dog Toy



Training equipment is just that equipment used for training.  It is not meant to be worn all the time.  The use of proper training equipment will aid your dog’s ability to learn.  It is not only important to understand and use the right equipment, but it is also important that the equipment fits correctly.

Here are a few of our favorite companies.

DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Harness Lead, an alternative to training your dog not to pull on leash

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ruff on the Road Dog Collars

What to Consider when Selecting a Cat Litter Box

DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Pet odors got you down, use NonScents deodorizers

DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Clips the tips not the quick, Zen Clippers for nail clipping



It is virtually impossible for consumers to know the health value of packaged pet foods by viewing or feeding them.  Processing makes products non-descript, and, furthermore, manufacturers can cleverly make about anything look like anything they like, e.g., starch, textured vegetable protein and dyes can look like a pork chop.  Judging merit by reading advertising, marketing brochures and package labels can also be deceiving.

Ultimately a food can be no better than the competency and the principles of those producing it.

Here are some which Acme Canine has found to be of quality.

Looking for a Quality Raw Diet Dog Food? Volhard Dog Nutrition May Be Your Answer


PRODUCT REVIEW: Darwin’s Natural Pet Products


Anthropomorphic portraits of pets

DOG PRODUCT REVIEW: Adopting a dog? Here’s A Sound Beginning


PRODUCT REVIEW: Embark DNA testing for dogs


PRODUCT REVIEW: 4 Legs 4 Pets cots

PRODUCT REVIEW: Wash’n Zip Dog Beds

Why Your Dog should have its own Bed and What Bed to consider