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Not all dogs need a digestive supplement daily, but when their microbiome is off, consider Gut Support.

Acme Canine was contacted in October 2021 by the founder of  Its mission is to help dogs live a long and happy life, and we wanted our help reviewing its products and sharing our findings with the company and you, our followers.

I explained our business is dogs and providing the best canine information to our readers. That way, our readers know whether a product is quality, the company has integrity, and if the product truly will benefit your dog. Because of this, Acme Canine will not sell or recommend a product unless we have tested it ourselves. So Juru sent us an 8 oz. bag of their Gut Support to review.

Acme Canine has the best canine testers on the East of the Mississippi River.  Our demo dog, Penny, lives to eat, and when it comes to food recommendations for your dog, she will give an honest opinion. So we put her up to the challenge of adding the Gut Support to her food for a week.

Should you give your dog probiotics

The answer is, it really depends on your dog’s health and your veterinarian’s recommendation.

Healthy dogs have billions of probiotics in their stomach to help fight infections, strengthen their immune system, help digest food, and produce vitamins and nutrients. This is called the microbiome. 

If your dog seems to get sick often, it could be caused by changes in its microbiome.  Changes in the microbiome occur for all sorts of reasons, from eating spoiled food to taking antibiotics. Rather than start your dog on a probiotic, talk with your veterinarian.

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How Juru is better for your dog

Most supplements focus on treating symptoms. Juru Gut Support was developed as a daily dose of dog-friendly botanicals that support overall health by nourishing the gut.   They state that “Juru helps eliminate parasites and toxins, strengthen the immune system, establish a thick and shiny coat, and heal the gut lining and stomach with all-natural ingredients. Juru has a powerful blend of ingredients that has even been proven to help female dogs overcome reproductive problems, including infertility, milk supply, and inconsistent cycles.”

The main active ingredients

Reading the label of this supplement almost sounded like we were about to feed Penny dirt, but upon researching the ingredients, Acme Canine learned that the supplement is made up of some great stuff.

We have attached some great articles on the ingredients so you can read about them as well.















What We learned

Although the Gut Support is supposed to have a slightly bitter taste, Penny had no trouble eating the supplement on her food.  She had no stomach distress or problems with her eliminations (they were darker than normal and larger) or an increase in eliminations.  NOTE:  Penny is a healthy 6-year-old Bluetick Coonhound with no issues with her microbiome.

We feed Penny the Volhard Dog Nutrition AM and PM diet which is a dehydrated powder.  The Gut Support didn’t mix well with the dehydrated powder nor with water.  We spoke with Ivan, the founder of  He mentioned the Gut Support is designed to be mixed with dry kibble since there is an oily coating on the kibble which helps the Gut Support adhere to it.

Currently, the Gut Support can only be purchased on the Juru website.  The cost runs from $19.99/8 oz to $149.99/20 lbs.  If you sign up for a subscription, there is a 10% discount along.  No matter which way you order, there is free shipping.

Final Thoughts

Although not every dog needs a digestive supplement all the time, there will be times when their microbiome will be off.  After talking with your vet, we hope you will consider using Gut Support.

Acme Canine believes Gut Support is a quality product made with high standards and good ingredients. appears to be a company with integrity and striving to provide a product that truly works as described.

We give 4-paws up and the Acme Approval.

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