Happy Holidays from Spike and Acme Canine


Chesapeakes posting by an open fire,
Jack Russells nipping at their toes!
Canine carols being howled by a Briar(d)
And, Chihuahuas dressed up like Eskimos!

Every reader knows a message full of friendly prose,
Helps to make this canine blog so bright!
Reading regs with their dogs in repose,
Shall kind-opine doggedly day or night.

We nose up canine fun all along our way!
We dig up lots of info to help you and we pray!
That every purebred, mutt and precious stray is gonna “Sit-Stay!”
To read what happening on Spike’s blog each day!

So, Woofie is offering this simple phrase,
To readers from Ohio to Kalamazoo!
Although, it’s been barked, many times, many ways;


your friends at Acme Canine

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