Have a howling good time with your dog

Halloween is just around the corner and with it tempting bags of goodies full of treats and potential chew toys. Children may want to share their trick or treating booty with their 4-legged pal.  Parents should step in and curtail this. Both chocolate and raisins have serious effects on dogs, from mild to severe, and potentially fatal.

In addition to the treat hazards, not every dog will enjoy this holiday.  To dogs, Halloween can be a real fright with all the ghouls and goblins running around and ringing doorbells.  Wandering noses and frisky feet can get into trouble when the fun starts.  Children in costumes can frighten dogs.  The trick is not to treat Halloween as just another day for a dog.  Taking precautions on Halloween will prevent dogs from running out, getting hurt, or frightening their Halloween visitors.

Here are several articles to help prepare your dog for Halloween.




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