Have your Pup Strut His Stuff this 4th of July

come celebrate the 4th of July with Acme Canine

Acme Canine is going to be a part of the Independence Day festivities in Orange Township again this year.  We would love for everyone to gather their dogs and come join us in the 7th Annual Orange Township Independence Day Parade. This year they expect to have over 2,000 participants, with 5,000 spectators on hand to celebrate our country’s independence.

On the Fourth of the July, 1776, the founding fathers of this nation signed and passed the Declaration of Independence.  They drew a line in the sand and prepared to defend the country to the death.  Every year, we commemorate and remember their courage and the generations who have come since and given the very same sacrifice.

Just about all of this, of course, will be lost on your dog.  The only annual event they may remember is that annual trip to the vet, which doesn’t bring up quite the same emotions.  While they may not care about our holiday, they do care about being a part of it with you.  Any day they can spend out walking with you and seeing all their pals is the best day of the year for them.

The parade will begin at 10am on July 4 at Glen Oak Elementary School.  The one and a half mile route winds south to Orange Road, east on Orange Road, south on Old State Road, and ends on Little Bear Loop.  If you register before July 1, you will receive an Independence Day t-shirt and your dog will get a bandana to sport.  Contact Acme Canine to join in the celebration!