Helpful Dog Products for Cold Weather

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By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Blogger

It looks like it’s going to be a long, cold winter this year, and even though spring is around the corner, it’s not here just yet. There will still be days filled with ice and snow, and the importance of protecting your dog’s feet couldn’t be greater. Our staff at Acme Canine recognizes the dangers that winter weather can pose to our four-legged friends, which is why we recommend using the following products.

Cleaning Sidewalks the Dog-Friendly Way

Icy sidewalks can pose a hazard in more ways than one. Clearing the ice for safe passage is a priority, but many ice melts contain sodium chloride or calcium chloride, which are harmful to our pets. If your dog walks on surfaces that have been treated with these chemicals, his feet should be cleaned afterward to ensure that he does not lick them and ingest these harmful toxins. For your own use, we recommend Safe Paw™ Ice Melter. It is the only 100% salt-free ice melter on the market, and it comes highly endorsed by veterinarians, groomers, shelters, and your favorite blogger, Spike’s Dog Blog by Acme Canine!

Another product to consider using on your best friend to protect his sensitive feet from the snow and ice is Musher’s Secret®. Musher’s Secret® was developed for sled dogs in Canada and is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog’s paws. Once applied, it acts like a boot on your dog’s foot to protect it from the slush and snow and ice. We recommend wearing latex gloves when applying. Spread a thin layer of product on each of your dog’s feet, rubbing it in well. Be sure not to use too much—apply only as much as the skin will absorb at a time. Too much will not allow your dog to sweat (which he does through his paws) and can leave greasy paw prints on your floors!

Where to buy:

Safe Paw™ Ice Melter is available at pet, grocery, hardware, mass merchandise stores, and online.

Musher’s Secret® can be found at Pet People stores as well as on Moochie and Company’s website, and online at Amazon.

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