Here’s What Happens When You Clean Dog Stains the Wrong Way

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Did you know it could harm your dog if you don’t clean pet stains in the right way?

If you’re in one of the 85 million households with a pet, you know how hard it is to clean up after one. Pet stains can be tricky to remove if you don’t take them off your carpet or furniture properly. They can leave behind permanent odors and ugly stains.

Below is a quick guide on how dog stains can ruin your household items. We also included ways to remove the stains if the items are still salvageable. If you’re considering getting a dog or cat, use this guide to learn what you should and shouldn’t do about pet stains.

How Wrong Dog Stain Cleaning Affects Your Home

Not all dog owners have the time to ensure they clean their pet stains well. Sometimes, it’s easy to rush the pet stain cleaning or leave it later. Yet, these split-second decisions can lead to mistakes that may last a lifetime.

Below are the most common dog stain cleaning mistakes you should avoid:

Dog Stains Are Harder to Remove if You Don’t Clean Them up Immediately

As much as possible, clean up the mess when you see it. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to remove the odor or stains. The longer you wait to clean the mess, the longer it’ll stay on your carpets or floors.

Misuse or Using the Wrong Disinfectants Can Harm the Family

Pay attention to the disinfectants you use to clean dogs and their surroundings. Some disinfectants are too harsh for animals and people. Ask a veterinarian about the best pet disinfectants if you want to be sure.

Not Washing the Dog Bed on Bath Day Contaminates the Spot

After a day in the bath or groomer, pets may go straight to bed. However, a common mistake is not cleaning your pet’s bed as well. Keep pets from contaminating their beds by vacuuming and washing the bed.

How to Clean Dog Stains

Now, let’s talk about how to clean dog stains. Keep your carpets safe from long-lasting stains and odors with cleaners veterinarians recommend.

If you want to save more on pet cleaning supplies, use home remedies. Two effective home remedies are vinegar and baking soda. Don’t forget to clean only the area of the original stain to keep it from spreading on the carpet.

How to Sanitize Pet Stains

People usually forget to disinfect pet stains after cleaning them. You can use disinfectants to ensure that they stay bacteria-free. Again, talk to a veterinarian if you want to learn about specific recommendations.

How to Sanitize Pets

Did you know that your pets can also carry germs that make people sick?

Don’t sanitize only your pet’s dog or cat bed. |If you don’t want your pet to carry germs, you should also sanitize them. The good thing about sanitizing pets is that it’s as easy as bathing them.

Avoid These Common Animal Cleaning Mistakes Now

Now you can sanitize and clean pet stains the right way. You know what to do the next time your beloved dog, cat, or critter has an accident in your house.

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