Homework to help you improve your dog’s commands

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A minimum of 15 minutes each day of practicing dog commands will improve your dog’s reliability and behavior

By Laura Pakis, Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Cynologist

Everyone wants to have a healthy, well-groomed, cute, and Instagrammable dog. But very few dog owners understand the need for incorporating commands into their everyday lives.

Regular training will help you create a sociable, energetic, and disciplined dog.  Here’s how:

Every Day

  • A minimum of 15 minutes throughout the day of practicing each command. Please vary the time of day and also where you practice the commands.  Include at least two practices a week outside in your yard.
  • Incorporate the commands into your daily routine. Use the commands to make your life easier with your dog, not harder.
  • Increase the time in the “Place Mat” Command by 15 minutes until he is placing for 2 hours.
  • Limit excessive attention for the first week; make him work for it.
  • If you need to, keep a training collar and dragline on for the first few weeks to reinforce the commands.

Twice a Week

  • Go on a short field trip and work on commands in locations such as a pet store or front of a library. This trip can also be an errand run with two people, one working on commands outside the door while the other person runs the errand inside the store.
  • Do handling/restraining exercises with your dog, so he gets more comfortable with being restrained and having hands all over his body.

Once a Week (Weekend Event)

  • Go on a long field trip such as an outdoor patio restaurant, dog event, or festival where there will be various stimuli.
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