How Do You Make Your Apartment More Dog-Friendly?

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When it comes to living in a certain space, there are several factors. Here are some of the ways to make your apartment more dog-friendly.

By Guest Blogger, Mike

When it comes to living in a specific space, there are a number of factors that must be considered. How much real estate, for example, is needed to address your housing needs adequately? Will you be living with anyone else in the space? Does this specific person happen to be a good boy?

Dogs are drawn to large spaces where they can run wild and roam free. For homeowners, their houses offer plenty of exterior space for dogs to enjoy the sunny outdoors. However, you may not have as much room for your dogs if you live in an apartment. Tiny apartments may feel too crammed for your canine companions, who are used to larger living spaces.

Some apartments may not be the most ideal for pets, especially for dogs. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible to be an apartment owner and a dog owner at the same time. You need to modify your living arrangement a bit and make the apartment more dog-friendly. Your apartment rentals will become suitable for dogs after a few easy adjustments.

Here are some of the ways to make your apartment more dog-friendly:

Apartment Location 

The type of apartment you end up settling down in will matter a lot. Many apartments don’t have the functionalities that are considered dog-friendly. To get started on the best foot forward, check out the apartment’s rules for pets. Sometimes, these guidelines can completely rule out your canine from living there.

You must pay attention to the rules and regulations of any apartment complex. Some apartments may not allow specific sizes of dogs to be present for circumstantial reasons. The best-case scenario here is to find an apartment that has other pet owners living nearby. That way, elevator rides won’t be as awkward when you are the only one with a dog!

Clean Space

Your dog’s experience in an apartment should always be a positive one. However, that sentiment may not always ring true since things are bound to go awry at some point. One of the best ways to make your canine feel comfortable is to tidy up the premises. Dogs are always alert to their surroundings and will react accordingly.

If the hallways and rooms are relatively spaced out, your best friend will feel much safer inside. Not only that, but you will experience a breath of fresh air as well, knowing that clutter will be the least of your problems. Organize your belongings at least once a week for the best possible outcome.

Dog Toys 

While you are at work, your dog will inevitably have to become distracted through other means. This generally means that they will focus their attention on particular possessions, such as their toys. As mentioned previously, keeping your apartment’s spaces clean and tidy is a sure-fire way to ensure their comfortability.

For the best results, you can designate your dog’s toys into a specific bin or box. Keep all of their favourites inside here, and bring them out when they require them. Remember, these toys should not present a health risk to the dog; make sure they are proportionately sized. Smaller toys could prove to be a health hazard after all!

Food Storage 

As human beings, we are bound to ignore simple tasks from time to time. Putting away our food, for example, could be overlooked for various reasons. When you live in an apartment with a dog, you’ll want to ensure that you do this properly the first time. Opened or exposed food could present a safety risk if you have a dog nearby.

For dog food specifically, ensure that all treats are kept in a sealed container and out of reach. Doing this will help keep the food fresher for a longer time not to end up spoiling. Put these food containers in an elevated area so that your canine does not accidentally gain access to it.

Room Designation 

You will have to step out of the apartment at some point in your day. Of course, you won’t be able to take your dog with you, which means you’ll have to ensure they stay put. For the best possible outcome, make sure they remain in one room at a time. Moving from room to room can increase the chances of them making a mess.


Above all else, you should properly train your dog for its daily routines. Take the time to level with your canine, and ensure they are familiar with the appropriate rules of the space. Apartment living can seem restricting since there is a limited amount of space to deal with.

From potty training to not interacting with certain rooms, take the time to invest in your pet. That way, the worst possible situations will not occur! However, with the right amount of training, your dog will become much more comfortable while indoors.

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