PRODUCT REVIEW: How Ollie dog food changed my life

Dog food is dog food I thought, that is until I started eating Ollie dog food

By guest dog blogger, Autumn

Dog food is crunchy, tastes like meat, and stops me from being hungry.  Nothing really to think about, that is until I started eating Ollie dog food.

This food is different.  It tastes great and after a month of eating it, I have more energy and find mealtime more pleasurable.  You might not think this important, but I was a very picky eater and my stomach would get upset overnight so morning feedings were a chore for my owners.

Now they thaw a package of Ollie’s overnight, tear open the package into my dog bowl, and I have a delicious meal of lamb, butternut squash, cranberries, and kale along with some other ingredients crafted by veterinarians and processed by canine nutritionists.

There are other meat choices such as beef, chicken, and turkey…all nutritional powerhouses, but Lamb was determined to be the best choice for me.

You see before you can order food from Ollie, they ask a lot of questions.  From the answers, they create a profile for your dog that allows them to get to know us better and to recommend the ideal meal plan.  From this profile they tailor your dog’s plan based on their weight, age, breed, activity level, and allergies, recommending a precise portion according to how many calories we need.

Here’s something cool:

“The proprietary algorithm Ollie’s developed with a nutritional veterinarian ensures that your dog is getting the right portion of food, as they calculate the exact number of calories needed based on weight, breed, age, activity level and body composition. They also take any allergies your pup has into account and recommend one of their recipes accordingly. If your dog is under or overweight, you can add their “ideal” weight into their profile (on your account page) and they’ll change their portions to help them get there!”

I guess another way to put it is, Ollie’s cares deeply about what goes in your dog’s bowl.  You can really see human grade produce in the food… whole blueberries and peas, freshly chopped carrots and spinach. And they’re mindful about where they source them from. They even use superfoods like cod liver oil and chia seeds to ensure their recipes are full of the essential vitamins and minerals.

I just find the meals delicious and have a hard time not drooling as I wait for my food to be given to me. is a subscription fresh dog food delivery service that stresses the importance of providing real, quality food to your pup every mealtime.  They pack the food in dry ice, so it doesn’t thaw.  My owners unpack the box and put the food right in the freezer.  Then they take out two or three days of what I need and keep it in the refrigerator to thaw.

What my owners (obviously) care about most is the quality of food. Ollie makes our families list of best dog food.

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