How to Build a DIY Dog Swimming Pool

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Why spend money on a dog pool when you can build one with your own hands? This article will provide you with the steps for creating your own DIY dog pool.

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Do you have a dog who loves to swim? If so, it’s time to take advantage of the wonderful weather by making your own DIY dog swimming pool.  Follow these easy steps for instructions on building a do-it-yourself pool that will provide hours and hours of fun for both you and your pup.

We’ll also tell you about how to keep the pool clean. Pool test kits will help us with this, which do an excellent job with it.

Building an in-ground DIY dog pool

An in-ground DYI pool for dogs is a great idea, especially when you live in an area where the ground is hard and can’t dig holes, or it gets sweltering during the summer months. The idea is simple – you need a pool, a space around it, and one or two people to work on the project. 

DIY dog pool

Step one: digging

The first thing that comes into our mind when thinking about building a dog swimming pool is digging. We recommend creating a template for this purpose using plywood or pallets (if pallets are not available, ask your friends and neighbors – they might have them and would be glad to help you out).

Step two: the sand

Use a utility shovel to dig out an area where you want your pool and place sand around it, just like putting sand into a sandbox for kids. Then use plywood or pallets again as borders between grass and sand, ensuring they are sturdy enough.

Step three: consider the size of the pool

The size of a pool is significant as well – make sure that it’s not too large or small for your pet. 

If you have a smaller dog, this might seem like no problem, but if you own an English Mastiff, things can get a bit complicated. You should also consider how many dogs will be using the pool. Multiple dogs will require a larger pool area for them to all enjoy.

Step four: add clean water

The next step is making sure that the water in your DIY dog swimming pool is clean and safe for dogs to swim in.

To be clean enough, you will need a pool pump and filter. When choosing the best one to buy, make sure it’s powerful enough to remove all dirt from the water at least once per day.

Step five: ensure the safety of your DIY dog pool

Also, you should build the pool so that no one ever will step on it or fall into it, as this can cause injury to your dog and yourself. We recommend using some fencing around the area, just enough so you don’t stumble over something but not too high for a dog to jump over.

Last but not least – make sure that your dog will enjoy spending time in the pool. If the dog does not like this idea, you might end up hating this project yourself.

Some dogs love swimming, others don’t mind getting their paws wet, and others hate water. Ensure that there is always a way for your dog to get out of the pool if it wants or needs to.

Other DIY dog pool ideas

DIY dog pool ideas

DIY dog pool steps

Dog pool steps are straightforward. It is a simple process of building up the walls using bricks, stones, or blocks so that water doesn’t spill out and making an opening for your pup to get in and have fun!

To make steps for a dog pool, you need to make a frame first. A standard dog pool should measure about five feet in length and two-and-a-half foot widths for an average-sized pup.

Next, fill the space between walls using sand or dirt to hold the concrete in place. You can also use cement blocks or bricks for this purpose, depending on what you have at your disposal. 

Once that is done – it is time to make the steps! The number of steps depends on how big your pool is. When done, wait for it to dry up and then fill water into it. You can decorate or paint your dog’s new swimming area to make it look nice and colorful.

DIY dog pool ramp

The dog ramp is an alternative for those dogs that cannot swim. It should be attached to the side of the pool, and it must have a non-slip surface and handrails. The length can vary from one foot up to five feet, depending on your pet’s size and ability.

If you want to ensure that your dog is safe, you should attach the ramp to an inflatable pool or a small wading pool.

DIY dog pool ramp

Plastic kiddie pool

Using a plastic kiddie pool is an easy and convenient way to create an outdoor summer oasis for your furry friend. You can dig a hole into the ground and insert the plastic kiddie pool, creating an inground pool for your dog, or install it in a small deck like pictured above.

To create a wading pool like this, you will need pressure-treated boards for the decking, wood glue, the plastic kiddie pool, wood stain, a drain pipe for the pool, screws, and a screw gun. You can also use the wood to create a shaded cover for the pool.

How to keep a dog pool clean

One of the most important aspects of building a DIY dog pool is how to keep it clean. 

Depending on your preferences, you can use different materials for this purpose, but one thing that will always work is lining the bottom with plastic sheeting to prevent contamination. It is not expensive, making it a great choice for anybody on a budget. 

Another thing that will help prevent the pool from getting dirty too quickly is using some large rocks or small boulders around its edges as they create “natural barriers” against leaves and other dirt particles floating with water.

If you still think your pool gets dirty too quickly, consider adding a filter. This is the right way to keep it clean and safe for your pet’s health. You can also prevent constant refilling of water by having an automatic hose hookup in place. When certain levels are reached, you have fresh water running into it without extra effort.

Another way to make sure that your pet pool stays as clean as possible is by using a pool test kit. It will help you test the pH level, chlorine content, and alkalinity. If these are not in balance with each other – your dog pool may have a bad smell or contain harmful bacteria.

In case of any doubts, consult a professional about keeping a doggy pool clean for a longer time without too much effort.

Pool playtime

Once the pool is done and it’s ready for your pup, throw in some of their favorite toys. You can also use pool noodles in a larger pool if your dog has a hard time and needs some help in the water. Place the pool noodle under your dog’s front legs or torso. It offers them more stability while you hold them.

Is an inflatable pool good for dogs?

If you are a family on the go and like to take your kiddie pool with you when you travel, then an inflatable pool may be a good choice since it is lightweight and one of the more portable pool options out there. They also fold up compactly, take up very little storage space, and are easy to transport.

However, don’t forget about your dog’s nails. They can easily pop an inflatable pool. So, it isn’t really a viable option for dogs because the nails can cut through the material pretty easily. A fiberglass pool, on the other hand, is amazing for pets. Their claws won’t tear or puncture the durable surface, and they won’t hurt your dog’s joints.

What other materials can be used to make a DIY dog pool?

make a DIY dog pool

If you don’t have a kiddie pool or pallets, you can also use some nylon rope, a rubber mat, a pool liner or tarp, and some plywood to make a DIY pool that would be ideal for a smaller dog.

This kind of pool doesn’t take much space and gives your small dog the chance to play in the water. Make sure to have plywood of differing lengths to make a box shape, nails, a hammer, and the other supplies listed above. With this kind of DIY pool, you can make it any size you want.


A DIY dog pool is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your pup gets the exercise he needs during those hot summer months. With some basic construction skills and the right materials for this DIY project, you can build your pet pool in a matter of hours.

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