How To Build The Perfect Shed For Your Pet

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If you plan on owning a dog and you’re wondering where to keep him, a shed is a good living space for your pet

By Blogger, Zoey Grace Elliot

If you plan on owning a dog and you’re wondering where to keep him, a shed is a good living space for your pet. Dogs love to be around humans and most times seek companionship. You can build a shed outside your home where you and your family can have a great time playing with your pet.

Here are some things you should know about building the perfect shed:

Dog’s Breed

Before you make your shed, you need to bear in mind the type of dog that would be living in it. Can your dog live in extreme weather conditions? Some breeds can only stay outside during a particular season. If your dog is a large breed with heavy coating, he can live outdoors without any problems, but smaller breed dogs and puppies might not.

Shed Size

Though you can build a shed to any size you desire, your dog may not really need a large space. What most dogs prefer to have is a gated outside space. You can build a dog door in the shed that will connect the dog outside and inside his living area. The size of the door should fit your dog’s size so he doesn’t get stuck or find it difficult to move in and out. A nifty tip is to keep the dog’s food in the extra space in the shed. You can also keep pet supplies and other items as long as they’re not harmful to be within your dog’s reach. The shed should also have enough space where your dog can retreat to when they need some alone time.

Weather Control

You also need to consider the comfort of your dog when making its shed. Dogs need a place that is properly insulated and raised above ground level. This will ensure that the place remains cool during the hot seasons and is warm during cold weather. You should not use any fabric blanket or dog bed in the shed because it can cause colds if it gets wet. The best bedding to use in a shed is straw because it gives them warmth and makes it comfortable for them to sleep in.

Dog Supplies

There are many things you can add to your doghouse. You can get all the essentials your dog needs in its shed for comfort. Things like food, water, bedding, and toys can be kept in the shed. You can get chew toys for your dog to play with. The most important thing for your dog is that he remains comfortable and well cared for in the shed.

On a Final Note

What makes a shed perfect is the comfort it gives your dog. It should have all that your pet needs to stay safe during good and extreme weather conditions. If you need a more specific idea, we recommend that you build a Gambrel shed. It’s sturdy and spacious, providing both safety and comfort for your beloved pet.

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