How to Choose Indoor Dog Kennels for Your Home

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How do we know what makes an indoor dog kennel a good buy? Here are some factors that you have to consider.

By David Holtz, Guest Blogger

We all have a soft spot for our fur buddies, and if we can do something to give them the best life they could, we definitely will. We all know how it feels to lie down in a soft and comfortable bed and how it feels to be sheltered in a decent and beautiful home. As pet owners, we would want our pets to feel the same. Fortunately, we now have indoor dog kennels where we can keep our pets safe and secure at all times. This also serves as a handy tool when training them. Now the question is, how do we know what makes an indoor dog kennel a good buy? Here are some factors that you have to consider.

A Useful Indoor Dog Kennel Buying Guide for Your Home

There is no need to settle because you can get the perfect indoor kennel for your dog by keeping these factors in mind.

Your Dog’s Age and Breed

Age plays an important part in helping you decide on what type and size of the crate you need to get. This is because dogs grow, and sometimes, their growth spurt can be drastic, so you have to make sure that you get a crate that can accommodate their height when they reach their oldest. It also helps to know what type of breed and size they come in to determine the size of the dog kennel you are to buy. A small one can have your dog feeling restrained and limited, while a big one can be cold and uncomfortable for a small one. Not getting the right size of crate for your dog can have them feeling anxious at times. If you are worried about the kennel wearing out or giving in because of your dog’s size and weight, you can always go for heavy duty dog crates. If you want the versatility and convenience while saving instead of buying replacements, you can always opt to go for those with dividers.

Features You Want and Need

There are a variety of dog kennels available in the market, and each one comes in a specific design with varying features. You have to take note of the convenience, portability, versatility, and other factors. Some crates come in a folding and non-folding design. They sometimes come with a divider that can be adjusted as necessary. You can go for a heavyweight or a lightweight kennel. You can also choose between a top-loading or a multi-door design for access. On top of this, you can also choose among the beautiful designs available to match your home’s interior.

Safety Concerns

One of the main reasons we need crates is that we need to keep our dogs safe from accidents and injuries when we are not available to care for them. Apart from this, we also want to make sure they feel comfortable, safe, and secure. When dogs are bored, they tend to chew on anything that they can find. Having a crate around will keep them safe as they cannot chew on items that may choke, hurt, or poison them. On the other hand, this also keeps your home safe and in good condition.

Your Budget

When purchasing an indoor dog kennel, you have to set your budget beforehand. The reason for this is to make sure you do not go above and beyond your budget when shopping for one. This also makes it easier for you to decide and narrow down your choices when shopping. In this way, you can determine what type of material to go for or what features you can get. The key is to know what you can get for the best price.

Material and Style of Your Choice

A dog kennel can come in different styles and materials. You can choose to go for plastic and portable, or you can go with one that is wired and foldable. The material and design can affect your dog’s emotions. Some dogs prefer wire kennels that are plastic ones because it gives them a visual of their surroundings, which has a calming and reassuring feeling. Some come in a soft-sided fabric. This usually uses nylon or canvas along with PVC, aluminum, or steel frame, but the downside for this type would be that it is easier to destroy and be chewed on. You can also check on wood, furniture, or heavy-duty metal dog crates for a sturdier and more reliable indoor kennel to put your dog in.


There are a lot of indoor kennels being sold in the market. Each one features a unique style, design, function, and specification. The same principle goes and applies to our pets. Our pets come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. They have different needs and preferences, so we should make sure to get one that caters to each well and properly.

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