How to Choose the Best Dog Supplements for Itchy Skin

Many dogs suffer from allergies, which is one of the top causes of itchy skin and chronic ear infections. Here, how to choose the best dog supplements for itchy skin will be discussed.

By Guest Blogger, Tim Mitchum

Every dog owner has been there:  you see your dog scratching and you immediately think fleas.  You wonder to yourself when was the last time you gave your dog a flea-preventative?  Have you been near a wooded area lately?  You may even start to think you feel fleas walking across your skin.  However, after searching through your dog’s fur what you see instead is raw, red, itchy, inflamed skin – and no signs of the annoying parasite.  What gives?  Your dog’s itchy skin is likely due to allergies.

Many dogs suffer from allergies, which is one of the top causes of itchy skin and chronic ear infections.  However, treating allergies in dogs is not always simple, especially if your dog has multiple or undetermined allergies.  The best course of action is to treat allergies in dogs from within, such as with a supplement.  Here, how to choose the best dog supplements for itchy skin will be discussed.

How to Tell if Your Dog has Allergies

Allergies in dogs range from mild to severe and can be triggered by almost anything in their environment, including food, dust, grass, mold, and dander.  Whereas a human may show signs of allergies with sneezing and watery eyes, dogs are more likely to have itchy skin and chronic ear infections, due to differences with their immune system.  The most common signs of allergies in dogs include:

  • Excessive licking of paws or genitals
  • Head shaking
  • Constant scratching
  • Red or raw skin
  • Skin and ear infections
  • Hives
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Swelling of face and/or ears
  • Watery eyes

How to Treat Allergies in Dogs

When it comes to treatment for a dog’s allergies, options are limited.  Ideally, pet parents should eliminate the dog’s exposure to the allergy trigger.  However, many dogs have more than one allergy and determining their triggers can be extremely difficult.  Canine allergy tests are costly, as are allergy shots.

Another option is to give your dog an anti-histamine.  However, prescription and over-the-counter medications can be costly (especially if you own a large dog), and side effects can be severe.

Additionally, none of these treatment methods address the root cause of allergies, which is inflammation.  Dogs that have chronic inflammation, whether due to severe allergies, injury, poor diet, leaky gut syndrome, or exposure to environmental toxins will experience more intense reactions to their allergy triggers.  For this reason, one of the best methods of treatment is to provide your allergy-stricken dog a supplement for itchy skin that directly reduces inflammation to support a healthier immune system.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dog Supplements for Itchy Skin

How can a pet owner choose the best dog supplements for itchy skin, especially when there are so many options available?  First, it is important to recognize that not all supplements are the same.  A nutritional supplement is intended to replace missing nutrients from a dog’s diet.  Certain nutrients may, in some cases, improve a dog’s allergy symptoms.  A second type is a nutraceutical, which is a supplement made from food that is believed to have health benefits which extend beyond nutrition, such as inflammation relief.  Finally, a third type of supplement is animal blood proteins, which are derived from animal blood and contain a natural matrix of concentrated blood fractions including serum, plasma, Immunoglobulin-A, Immunoglobulin-G, and albumin.

Other factors to consider when choosing the best dog supplements for itchy skin include:

Reduces Inflammation

When choosing a dog supplement for itchy skin, the most important aspect is that it contains ingredients that will eliminate inflammation at the source.  Whereas some supplements may help animals better deal with allergy symptoms, WINPRO Allergy fights the inflammation at the source that causes itching and scratching thanks to its K-Thrive Formula D blend of animal blood proteins.

No Side Effects

Common treatments for allergies include dietary changes and allergy medications.  However, changing a dog’s diet can require months of trial and error.  If a dog is already in an inflamed state, changing the diet too frequently can lead to diarrhea and gastritis.  Allergy medications, such as Apoquel, are not only expensive but can have unwanted side effects such as drowsiness, weight gain, seizures, and tremors.

Animal blood proteins, on the other hand, are scientifically proven safe and free from side effects.

Fast Acting

When a dog is miserable from itching and scratching, the dog owner experiences worry and anxiety as well.  Nutritional supplements can take 6 – 8 weeks to take effect, which is too long for both pet and owner to wait.  Animal blood protein supplements go to work immediately, and many happy WINPRO Allergy users report seeing changes in their allergy-ridden dog within just days.

Supports Immune System Function

Dogs that are suffering from itchy skin not only need their inflammation reduced, but require TLC for their overworked immune systems, as well.  WINPRO Allergy active ingredients Quercetin, Nettle Extract, and Bromelain all have been scientifically proven to provide immune system support when combating allergies, serving as natural anti-histamines and reducing the effect of allergens.

Safe in Conjunction with Medications and Supplements

Certain supplement and nutraceutical ingredients can negatively interact with veterinary prescribed medications.  WINPRO Allergy can be used with other medications and supplements without fear of interaction due to the all-natural and safe ingredients.

Great Tasting

Have you ever tried to give your dog a pill only for it to be continually spit out?  No matter how great the supplement, it cannot work effectively if your dog refuses to take it.  Therefore, the best dog supplements for itchy skin are ones that have a naturally great taste.  Animal blood proteins are effective because dogs are carnivores and are attracted to the scent (that only they can smell) found in animal blood protein supplements.


Above all, the best dog supplements for itchy skin should be free from major allergens.  WINPRO Allergy contains all-natural ingredients and is free from major allergens.  The full list of ingredients in WINPRO Allergy is:  K-Thrive Formula D, Bromelain (pineapple stem), Nettle Extract (root), Quercetin, Brewers Dried Yeast, Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, Flaxseed Oil, Glycerin, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative), Natural Flavor, Pectin (citrus), Salt, Sodium Alginate, Sunflower Lecithin, Water.  Dogs rarely react to any of these ingredients, making it a great option for the dog with many allergies.

Ultimately, animal blood protein supplements are a great way to treat allergies in dogs and relieve itchy skin because they fight inflammation – the root cause of allergy symptoms – at the source. WINPRO Allergy is also one of the best dog supplements for itchy skin because it is safe, effective, fast-acting, great-tasting, and supports a healthy immune system, which is exactly what your dog deserves.

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Tim Mitchum, President of WINPRO®, has been with the company since 2017 and is on a mission to help dogs live their best lives at every stage. Harnessing the power of clinically-proven blood proteins and combining that with a few natural ingredients, WINPRO creates effective, proven products that dogs love. By mother nature’s design, the dried plasma proteins help combat inflammation and the health problems caused by inflammation such as joint, gut, allergy, and anxiety-related issues. See the power for yourself here:

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