How to Choose the Best Flea Collar for Dogs

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Best Flea Collar for Dogs – What to Consider When Choosing

If you do not know the important qualities to search for when selecting a collar to control fleas on dogs, you may end up making the wrong choice. Also, with so many brands that have flooded the market, it’s not easy to determine which one has the best qualities. This guide covers the best flea collar for dogs and also tick collar essential aspects to consider and can help you choose the most appropriate item.

What to Consider When Selecting a Collar for Dog Fleas

You need a flea collar that works efficiently to control the parasites. So, how would you know if a particular brand is the right one? The table below provides a summary of what to look for and what to avoid.

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to look for:

 What you should avoid:

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Resistant to water.
  3. Infestation stage.
  4. Collar size.
  5. Odorless.

  1. Toxic collars.
  2. Usage of insecticides that are strong on pregnant dogs and puppies.
  3. Ingredients that irritate the skin.


Lasting Effect

Purchasing a collar frequently is tiresome. That’s why you should find a collar with a lasting potency for the complete and more extended duration for the protection of the dog. Collars that have a short-lasting span cannot be considered economical even though they are a cheaper option. Sacrificing and buying a more expensive one that lasts up to one year is the right way to go.

Sometimes, you may not keep track of the duration the collar needs to last before you change it. Therefore, by buying a product that lasts longer, say one year, monitoring will not be a must since you can just remove it after the period has lapsed. Fighting parasites is not an easy task, and thus bracing the dog with an effective flea collar is crucial.


An excellent flea collar should be water-resistant. Monitoring a dog collar so that it does not get soaked in water might seem easy, for example, taking it off when washing your dog. But what about the times when you won’t be around or when the dog jumps in a pool, or it gets rained on? The collar could become dysfunctional. Thus, when shopping, choose one that can’t be damaged by water.

Infestation Stage

What stage is the infestation? It’s a question people should have the correct answer to. Knowing the level of infestation will help you determine whether the collar can prevent or eradicate fleas. Once you know it, you’ll save a lot by avoiding subsequent purchases, and you’ll also pick something efficient.

Different collars are designed for different infestation stages. For example, some are meant for prevention by keeping fleas away, especially if there are bushy areas in your compound. Thus if your dogs are not yet infested with fleas, then the best flea collar for dogs would be the repellent ones, which will prevent these parasites from attacking the dogs.

For a dog that has already been infested, the fleas should be eradicated. In this case, the best collar to buy is a treatment collar. Therefore, understanding an infestation stage will help you select the best flea and tick collar for dogs.


You will come across many dog collars with distinct characteristics, including diverse toxic levels. Collars contain insecticides that are made from chemicals. Thus, it’s unrealistic to expect pesticides to be completely safe. However, these chemicals are not extremely harmful to animals if appropriately balanced.

Nonetheless, some illegitimate manufacturers want to make quick money, and thus they come up with products that aren’t completely friendly to animals. Besides, some products are just an imitation of others, and therefore, they don’t contain safe levels of pesticides. Therefore, you should research deeply on the chemicals contained in the insecticide and choose a collar with a safe toxic level.

Some toxic insecticides whose levels should be checked carefully include:

  • Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP)
  • Propoxur
  • Permethrin
  • Lufenuron

Flea Collar Smell

Most pet owners think the smell produced by the dog collar is not entirely a cause for concern. But irritating your dog with a strong odor is the last thing you want to do. Remember, pets have a strong sense of smell, especially dogs. Thus keeping collars with scent on the dog would frustrate it.

The comfort of your dog should always come first. There are many odorless products on the market. You should look for them and buy them for your comfort as well since you will always be at close range with your pet.

 Size of the Dog Collar

It is common to see many dogs with the wrong size collars. Don’t let your dog be one of them. Measure your dog’s neck before making any purchase to determine the right size. If you are after the best flea collar for large dogs, find the right size in the chart provided by the manufacturer.

As well, when it comes to best flea collar for small dogs, view the chart and then accurately determine the appropriate size. The charts are provided for guidance to help you avoid errors. Buying a small dog collar will result in discomfort to the dog, while collars of larger sizes for smaller dogs or puppies will even fall off when the pet gets playful.

Closing Remarks

Pests are outright difficult to eradicate. They will live off the dog, and you will do nothing about it unless you find strategic means to eliminate them. Among the recommendable ways is using collars that have very effective but non-harmful and odorless chemicals.

However, it’s important to buy a collar that is suitable for the infestation stage. If there is no infestation yet, purchase one that prevents fleas. Additionally, getting the appropriate dog collar size is mandatory. Keep in mind that the best flea and tick collar for large dogs should not be too tight. What’s more, choose one with less toxic compounds.

As seen, there is no one particular characteristic that qualifies a flea collar to be the best. It is a combination of various aspects. Therefore, when shopping, pick the brand that exhibits all or most of the features mentioned above.

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