How to crate train a beagle: 7 must-know tips

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The process of crate training your beagle is one that can be divided into certain steps. Here are seven tips that should help you optimize the process.

By David Huner

Training a beagle is one task that raises a lot of questions per time. Some people want to know if it is easy to train a beagle, others want to know how to potty train them. The good thing about beagles is that they are quite easy to train. This is however subject to using the best training tips available to you.

But as it is with other dogs, it is always ideal to begin the training process of your beagle at a very early stage. This, however, does not mean that when beagles grow older they can’t be trained. There may be a few things to consider when training an older beagle. Firstly, they may take more time to understand those concepts and they often require more patience.

It should be noted that while you can train a beagle at any age, the training needs of older beagles will always be different from the younger ones.

Tips to know in crate training your beagles

The process of crate training your beagle is one that can be divided into certain steps. Here are seven tips that should help you optimize the process:

Choose the right crate

The first step in the Beagle dog crates training involves choosing the right crate. You should choose a crate that is big enough to accommodate your beagle. This means that they should be able to move freely inside. The crate should not be too large, but it should be large enough to accommodate them at their adult stage. If you do get such a size, ensure that you take steps to get the extra space blocked. The major aim of it all is to ensure that they do not compartmentalize the crate and as such use, one part of the crate for something nasty and retreat elsewhere when done. There are animal shelters where you can rent crates for your puppy and upgrade the same when the time comes for that.

Introduce your beagle to the crate

If you have selected your beagle crate, the next step involves introducing the beagle to its new apartment. To do this, make sure that you place the crate in a place where you and your dog spend a lot of time. You can make it more comfortable by leaving the door open and placing a towel or blanket inside. The door should be kept open so that the beagle can have the freedom to explore. By doing this, it becomes more comfortable with its new space and soon makes it home.

Crate feed your beagle

The moment your beagle is used to staying in the crate, it becomes time for you to start feeding them close to the beagle. As time goes on, you may start feeding them inside the beagle. By so doing, you will be helping them to create a positive link with the crate. The food they eat has a way of affecting their emotions and as such the best way to leverage this is by feeding them in their new home.

More time in the crate should do

The moment you observe that your beagle appears more comfortable in the crate, it simply means that it is time for you to increase the time it spends in the crate. To make this experience worthwhile, ensure that you periodically give it treats as a form of encouragement. Make sure that the treats you give it are properly regimented.

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While out

Once you observe that your beagle is comfortable enough to stay in the crate for half an hour at a stretch, you may begin to Crate them when you are not home. But while doing this, ensure that you give it a toy or two. This should keep it busy while you are away while making the experience more fun than punishment.

Moving the crate to the permanent site

Remember that the process of getting your beagle to become comfortable with the crate you place is one that often takes patience. This is why we earlier encouraged that you place the crate close to where you and your dog normally hangout to help boost its confidence in the process. But after you must have successfully Crated it while you have gone out, you should begin taking it close to the location you want to use as its permanent site. While doing this, ensure that you do not rush it. By taking it slowly, it will make your beagle feel less alarmed and scared of the process.

Be consistent

For pet owners who may not have the luxury of time to always watch after their dog. Consistency may prove to be a bit of a challenge. But for you to maximize the crate training experience of your beagle, consistency is a vital requisite. One unique thing about beagles is that they are not as troublesome as you may want to think. The key to training them effectively is consistency. What this means is that you will have to reinforce the moves you thought during the beagle training sessions. This means that you feed them in the crate, let them out of the crate at the same time. Beagles are very adaptable which is why they are comfortable in the field and urban apartments. This makes them ideal for any type of training with the right level of patience and consistency.


Your beagle sure deserves the best of life even if it means coughing out some extra bucks. You should know that no amount of time and money is too much to invest in the development of your dog. You must, however, be mindful of the fact that the training is a process and may thus take time. Ensure that you do all the tips outlined with some measure of patience. You may not begin seeing the results immediately, but with the right attitude, you are bound to reap the benefits. Confining your beagle to a crate is certainly one of the best ways to have a rewarding life with your dog.

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