How to Find the Best Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair

How to find the best robotic vacuum for pet hair that meets your needs and budget?

Did you know that a cat can shed over 3,200,000 hairs on a single day? Well, now, you know. Getting rid of this hair can be quite stressful and time-consuming. That is why we need a robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

A robotic vacuum cleaner keeps your home clean. Since robotic vacuums are automated, it relieves you from the stress related to the cleaning schedules and provides you with free time to do other important things.

Finding an ideal vacuum clear that meets your needs can be a challenging task because price, performance, and features vary significantly. Luckily we have compiled important tips to help you choose the best. Let’s get started.


The navigation system of different robotic vacuum cleaners varies significantly. Robotics vacuum should know how to get around your home and cover most of the cleaning space. This means that you should go for a cleaner that uses the latest technology.
High-quality robotic vacuum cleaners have anti-drop and anti-collision and inbuilt dirt detection systems. They map the space by taking pictures. The fanciest model allows you to create virtual boundaries for no go zones. This comes in handy if you have furniture or art that you want to protect.

House Layout

When buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, consider the type of floor in your home. Most robotic vacuum cleaners work perfectly on hardwood floors. However, cleaning different carpeting and flooring can be a bit challenging. You will, therefore, need a high-end machine if you have thick rugs or high pile carpeting. You should also consider the amount of room under the furniture and choose a machine that can reach these areas easily.

Battery Life

Battery life matters most if you have a large house. High-end robotic vacuums have a battery life of about two hours. They stop when the battery runs low. When the battery is low, they navigate back to the charging station and start to recharge automatically. However, some have to be carried back to the charging station dock.


Robotic vacuums are controlled using buttons, remote-control, applications. The latest modes allow you to control using an advanced app which offers additional features such as cleaning history. Some are compatible with Wi-Fi hence making cleaning more convenient and faster.


Ordinary vacuum cleaners cannot remove pet hair from your furniture and garments perfectly. When considering overall performance check the performance on carpets and hard floor. A vacuum cleaner for pet hair should have a great suction power. Another thing pet hair can get tangled around the brush, thus require a high level of maintenance. You, therefore, need a robotic cleaner that has an edge cleaning brush. It removes dirt from the intake path.


Pet hair causes allergies in some people. The filtration system is an essential consideration when choosing a vacuum cleaner. The good thing is that most modern cleaner is designed with HEPA filters which can remove microscopic particles.

Built-in HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters remove pet hair from your floor and capture all dust, pollen, and dander. You can, therefore, enjoy the fresh air that is free from allergens.


The price of the vacuum is also a crucial determining factor. Note that expensive models have powerful features. However, some cheaper models can still meet your needs and still gets the job done and.


There is a wide variety of vacuum cleaner that can help you with the tedious job of cleaning your home. Some vacuum cleaner makes an irritating noise. Fortunately, you can program them to work while you are away and monitor progress through a smart device. The bottom line is that regardless of your budget and cleaning needs, there is a robotic vacuum cleaner that suits every homeowner.

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