How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter

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If you already have a dog that pleases you and assists in coping with nervous tension, you may want to register it as an official emotional support animal.

By Guest Blogger, Adam Clark

If you have any complaints or indications of psychical maladies, you can consult a specialist about all the possible solutions to your problem. One of them is ESA. The doctor can supply you with an ESA letter and describe all the pros and cons of animal therapy.

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What does an ESA stand for?

Animals give joy and coziness. These pets are designed for communication and stress relief. They can also ensure inner endorsement for individuals with mental health issues. An emotional support animal (ESA) is a companion that succors men with various forms of mental illness or dysfunction.

Scientists have shown that keeping pets has a positive effect on mental health, contributing to strengthening a person’s spiritual state and helping to manage a crisis. Other goods of ESA are reducing the level of disturbance and anxiety, endorsement in difficult life situations, getting rid of the feeling of loneliness, and mutual love and care.

Who may qualify for an ESA?

Research confirms the powerful influence of an emotional support dog on patients with autism, emotional frustrations, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and addictions. At the same time, contraindications for getting an emotional support animal are minimal. Any licensed mental health professional prohibits holding an ESA if a patient has an allergic reaction or fear of animals. In this case, the therapy will be ineffective and bring the patient even more harm.

Mental health professionals and their patients are sure that ESAs assist in stabilizing emotions, become more relaxed and calm, develop trust in others and self-confidence, improve communication, self-regulation, and socialization skills.

In addition, pets relieve loneliness, lower irritability and anger, reduce PTSD symptoms, help overcome insomnia, and increase the joy hormones oxytocin and endorphins.

An ESA letter

An ESA registration process consists of a few steps. First of all, a pet owner must obtain a specific ESA letter from any mental health professional, such as a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. This paper contains all the information regarding why the patient needs an emotional support animal. If you have serious reasons, a physician will write an ESA letter to get your ESA. A human should have a diagnosis that suggests the presence of the animal as a therapy. ESAs usually help people to cope with depression, panic attacks, or increased anxiety.

A legitimate ESA letter ought to be extradited by a competent specialist in mental health care or therapist. The doctor in charge of your case doesn’t need to issue an ESA letter. Moreover, it is not uncommon for physicians to refer their patients to more qualified and knowledgeable colleagues.

A rightful ESA letter contains information about the therapist who has written the letter, like phone number, address, license number, and other data. The letter has to state a psychological disorder that limits your ableness to carry out the activities that other humans can do. An ESA prescription letter affirms the necessity to engage emotional support animals in the treatment.

Many Service Animal and ESA registrars have recently appeared on the Internet, offering instant pet registrations, like My ESA Doctor or ESACertificate. Please note that such registration with an ID card and other accessories is convenient to provide information about the special status of your pet to strangers but doesn’t rule out what you should have ESA letter.

Ways to Get an ESA letter

There are two ways to qualify for an emotional support animal. You can get an emotional support animal letter from a physician, or if you don’t want to go anywhere, you can get an ESA letter online. In both cases, the ESA letter will have equal juridical force. Yet, it is momentous to be thoughtful while choosing a medical professional or website to get the letter. Moreover, make sure that the ESA letter meets all the ESA letter requirements and will be helpful for you.

In the first case, you should contact a licensed mental health professional with enough experience and could consult you on issues of getting an ESA. After the consultation, the specialist will suggest you an emotional support animal as extra therapy.

You may receive an ESA letter online if you don’t want to talk to anybody about your mental and emotional disabilities. All you have to do is find a verified website and fill out a short questionary on the subject of your psychical state. The data from the questionary will be transmitted to a specialist. After that, you will receive an ESA letter by email, or by instant PDF.

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Also, keep in mind that ESA letters are valid for one year only. Therefore, after this period, you will need to update the document to continue enjoying all the benefits to the ESA owners.

Why do you need specific documentation?

So, what are the advantages of ESA letters to the handlers? According to the Fair Housing Act, the principal privilege is that such animals can reside with their handlers even if pets are forbidden in the house. A landlord cannot demand pet fees for ESA living or expel the tenants without any objective reasons.

For a long time, the Air Carrier Access Act allowed ESA to fly with its owner in the cabin of a plane, which was notably of service for people afraid to fly. New laws are in force in which the airline decides whether or not to let the animal into the cabin. This also refers to public places. That’s why we recommend ESA owners choose pet-friendly institutions to spend time with their pets.

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