How to Groom Your Dog When There Are a Lot of Essays and Homework on My Head

Schoolwork can be overwhelming. You lack time for yourself and even time to groom your dog. With good time management skills, you can find it possible to handle all the tasks put upon you.

By Guest Blogger, James Collins

You probably got overwhelmed with excitement the day you joined your new school or college and looked forward to meeting new friends. Sooner, the overwhelming joy began to dwindle as you received more homework and essays with strict deadlines.

As a student, schoolwork can be overwhelming until you lack time for yourself or even time to groom your dog. With good time management skills, you can find it possible to attend to your homework, essays and have an exciting time grooming your dog.

How can students manage their time?

It is easy to get stressed out when attending to a routine of school assignments, studying books, and researching essays. You may find yourself getting lonely due to a lack of time with friends, personal grooming, and time with your pets.

Grooming your dog takes a lot of your time. To manage it nicely, most of the students use different methods to write a dissertation or homework quickly and efficiently. If you are constantly distracted by your dog, you can approach Writix, where professional writers help you with thesis and dissertation work. Sometimes, I have been in this situation when my pet won’t let me write my dissertation or do my homework. A simple request for help with my dissertation to professional writers on Writix solved the problem and I got high-quality work delivered on time.

Below are tips on how to groom your dog and manage your time.

Tips on how to groom your dog

Despite having a lot of homework and essays on your head, you can still find time to groom your dog at home if you follow the tips on how to manage your time. When you groom your dog at home, you create a stronger bond of friendship.

Have the tools ready

Get dog grooming tools ready using this checklist:

  • Pair of scissors
  • Clippers
  • Brush
  • Towel
  • Shampoo and water.

Prepare the place for bathing

You can bathe your dog outdoors or indoors, depending on your dog size and breed. It is more comfortable to bathe a large dog outdoors and small dogs in a sink inside the house. The hairier dogs will feel more comfortable bathing outdoor, especially during summer.

Prepare warm water in a large basin if you are bathing your dog outdoors. A hose pipe or overhead shower will do well for bathing pets for college students and a towel for sitting on after bathing will be helpful.

Bathing the dog

  • Let your dog sit in the bathtub or large basin and saturate his coat sufficiently with warm water.
  • Shampoo your dog and scrub the shampoo to form lather while taking care of the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Massage and rub your dog in circular waves the same way you would wash your hair, then let the shampoo settle for a few minutes
  • Cleanse the dog well using clean, warm water and then set him on a towel and dry off the water using a different towel.

How to Manage Your Time for Education – Tips and Writing Help

Schedule your time

Create your schedule and allocate time for each chore, beginning with your school assignments. In your schedule, create a column for assignments and another for their deadlines so that you give priority to the more urgent assignments.

Create a checklist

A checklist will help you make sure nothing is left unattended by ticking against your checklist and you will be sure to miss nothing.

Practice waking up early

It is likely for you to feel dizzy in the evening when attempting to do your essay or homework. To overcome this, reschedule your time and begin waking up early to do your schoolwork when you are fresh in your mind and body.

Limit distractions

You get distracted when you spend too much time on social media, TV, or your laptop watching the latest on Netflix or scrolling on social lights. When it’s time for assignments, switch off your phone, log off from your social media accounts and stay away from the TV.


You can create a balance between your college assignments and your free time at home by learning how to manage your time effectively and practicing what you learn. After mastering the habit of time management, you will find spare time for your friends, playing with your pets, and groom your dog. The important thing is to know how to balance your time in the evenings and the best time to get up in the morning.

About the Author

James Collins works in the engineering sector as the sales and marketing manager and has been a star performer year after year. He shares his knowledge with college students and helps them do their essays, term papers, and research papers as a part-time academic writer. In his free time, he listens to retro music, cares for his pets, and works on his pet vlog.

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