Is your dog afraid of water? Here’s 4 steps to win him over

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Some dogs love swimming in the water, and some even enjoy getting a bath. Unfortunately, some dogs fear any water, even to the point of anxiety.

You may understand why your dog suffers from a fear of water, but through patience, plenty of praise and encouragement, and developing a strong bond of trust, you will be able to help your dog overcome this fear.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Leash
  • A tennis ball or favorite toy of your dog

The process of helping your dog overcome his fear of water needs to be taken in baby steps. Here are some different methods to try:

Step 1:

Stand at the side of the pool with your dog.   Take your dog’s favorite ball or Frisbee and show it to him, saying excitedly, “Want the ball? Want the ball?” Then say, “Get it!” Throw the ball into the pool. He should jump in to get it.

Step 2:

Have a helper in the middle of the pool, calling the dog.  Stand on the side with the ball and the dog. Throw the ball and say “Get it!” toward the helper simultaneously as he’s calling the dog and splashing the water encouragingly.

Step 3:

Leash your dog and run crazily around the pool deck with the dog. Run into the pool by the steps with the dog following you on the leash. Get back out, run around some more. Then run directly in off the side, hopefully with your dog following you right in.

Step 4:

Put a leash on your dog, getting in at the side. Tug gently until your dog jumps in. Start swimming away, saying, “Let’s go, Let’s go!” as the leash gets tighter.

Whichever method works, continue repeatedly practicing until the dog is confident.

Here’s another game to help your dog with water

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