How to help your dog like water


This dog game will give your dog the ability to pick up floating or sunken objects from water, plus it’s fun to watch with other dogs that join the dog party!

It is basically the canine version of bobbing for apples and a great way to help your dog like water. Since no self-respecting dog is going to get his muzzle wet for an apple, all you need to do is substitute dog biscuits, hot dog slices, or other treats. Experiment to find some that float on top, some that float just below the surface, and some that sink.

If you’re having a summer pool party, use a child’s wading pool. 

Let each dog splash around after the treats. For more formal affairs, you can use a large bowl or pot. Fill your pool or water bowl with lukewarm water. If you’re using a bowl or pot, change the water between contestants; if you’re using a pool, empty it after the entire contest. Let each dog have a practice bob until he gets one treat. Then start the clock and see how many he can grab in two minutes. Can anyone get them all? A variation on the theme for a ball-crazy puppy is to fill a kiddie pool with tennis balls.

See how many balls each dog can pick up and give to his person in one minute.

The person can get in the pool, encourage the dog, and take each ball as soon as it is totally out of the water. The person can even help by picking up balls herself – of course, using only her teeth.

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