How to Keep Your Dog Docile In A Rental Apartment

live with a dog in a rental apartment

You want to rent a house but are afraid that the landlord will be bothered by your dog? Read on to know how your dog can be botheration-free for the landlord.

By Guest Blogger Hellow Dog

It is good if you can live with the dogs. They are adorable, fun, intelligent, and loyal. Thus, your daily life will be interesting.

Unfortunately, not all rental apartment owners want to have animals, especially those that are dynamic, noisy, and need to be bathed as often as dogs, indoors. You can even be fined if your dog annoys them and is complained by neighbors.

However, you can still live happily with your pet by choosing docile, obedient dog breeds. Besides, it is indispensable to training your dog.

If you do not know where to start, this article will guide you on how your dog can be botheration-free for the landlord.

Why is your dog not allowed to live in your rental apartment?

Currently, there are quite a few rental apartments that allow you to bring dogs. However, they only occupy a small number, and therefore, you will be struggling if you cannot share a common view with the landlords.

When you sign a lease, it is usually stated “no pets” or “no dogs”, or the landlord will directly clarify it with you. If not, you should ask him before signing the contract.

There are many reasons why dogs become a problem and a botheration for them. First, dogs can be dangerous to other tenants that are your neighbors. He can bark at them, or even chase and bite them if he feels dangerous. Not to mention, some people are allergic to dog hair.

Second, dogs are mischievous and dynamic animals. They can run around, tear down furniture, damaging floors, bark, make noise, etc. And if they meet other animals like cats or birds of another owner, they’ll probably bother these animals.

Third, if not washed regularly, your pet will be very stinky, causing unhygienic in your rental apartment, and even sick. Additionally, this is a high possession animal, and he might mark territory right inside the house, which is to pee everywhere.

Changing the landlord’s decision is not easy. In the event that your host agrees to allow you to keep your dog indoors, he can still change his mind if one or two bad experiences happen. That’s why, besides convincing your landlord, you should choose the right dogs, give them adequate vaccinations, and train your pets to be obedient.

How to choose the right dogs

If you already have your own dog, we will show you how to teach them obedience in the following sections. And if things are just planning, we’d recommend choosing the right breed to live in apartments for rent rather than those loving noises and running around.

Initially, you should have a priority list, which is your favorite dog breeds. After that, prioritize the dog that best suits your environment, including the people he will be in frequent contact with (that is, are there any children?), small or large spaces, etc.

Plus, if you choose the dog at a young age, things will become easier. From a few months of age, dogs can memorize and learn very well. Therefore, training them will not require as much time and effort as adult individuals.

And note that if you choose the independent dogs, they will not require you to spend too much time looking after them.

Let me explain with an example.

You have to spend all day at work. Therefore, you only see your pet from the late afternoon after work until early the next morning. If your dog misses you or wants more attention, he will constantly bark while you’re away and annoying surrounding people.

How to train your dog to be obedient in the apartment

Teach the quiet command

Dogs can learn at an early age

You’re probably thinking that you’ll start by teaching him to be quiet. However, things seem to be the opposite. That is, teach him to bark.

Let’s say, “Speak.” When your dog barks, reward him with treats and repeat it over and over. Once he knows the command, start letting him learn the command to stop barking.

Let’s say “Speak.” When your pet barks, say “Quiet.” As he stops barking, you continue to encourage him with the reward. Repeat this, and your dog will learn to stop barking. It will be very helpful every time your dog makes noise in the apartment.

Create space for your dog

Giving the dog a private space will prevent him from marking territory everywhere and restricting destructive beyond his personal space. You can give him a corner of your room or under the stairs to sleep and eat. Consider buying him a dog house or simply a pet playpen with many essential items like dog beds or automatic best dog feeders, etc. Need to know the best options for best dog feeders? Please Click Here:

Create a routine

Creating a routine for your pet will stop him, for example, barking as a way to beg for going out while you’re not at home. Let him eat, play, go out, sleep, etc. on time, and he will gradually follow the schedule you set.

As such, your pet will understand the time limit that he needs to follow and will not bother you and others when not within the time allowed.

Buy dog toys

When a mischievous dog gets bored because he has nothing to do, he will break things, bark, or cry, etc. Dog toys can solve this problem. You can choose to buy chew toys to keep pets from biting other household objects. It is best to variety his toys so that he does not get bored.

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