How to Keep Your Dog Out of Cat Food

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Keeping a dog and a cat under your roof can be very interesting. However, having your dog eat your cat’s food can be very frustrating.

By Guest Blogger, Jonny Hobs

Although eating cat food does no actual harm to your dog, there’s a risk of having your dog put on weight. In addition to this, your cat, a carnivore, would not get the nutrient (protein and fats) it should be getting. On the other hand, dogs are omnivores; they can get nutrients from both plants and animal sources. Hence, the diet for both animals differ.

While your cat’s food certainly smells savory and can be highly inviting to your dog, there are ways to keep your dog away from it. This article will show you how to go about this. Here you go:

Take away any opportunity to eat cat food

This is a straightforward one. Keep the food away from your dog, and they wouldn’t eat it. You could store up your cat food in places that your dog has no access to. You can choose to block the doorway to the place where there’s cat food. This works perfectly if you have a small dog. However, you have to ensure your cat can still get to the food.

If your dog is small, make a short baby gate/doorway that your cat can jump over. On the other hand, if your dog is big and your cat is small, make a high gate with a space wide enough for your cat (but not your dog) to pass through. You could also store your cat food in places that are just too high for your dog to reach.

While the cat is eating, you can also take the dog for a walk or distract your dog by playing or doing anything else equally exciting.

Make their food containers distinguishable during mealtime

You do not want your cat staring at your dog eating its food while it stays in its clear bubble cat backpack. While the first method is suitable, the ultimate goal is for your dog to walk away from cat food.  So, it is imperative to train your dog.

Make everything different for both pets during mealtime. Apart from the containers, ensure they are of different colors if you’re using anything else (e.g., a mat). This is also a way to give your dog the benefit of the doubt, as it is possible that the containers had been confusing your dog all along.

Enforce the “Leave It” Command

The “leave it” command is essential to train dogs to avoid picking things off the ground. This method takes the idea of having your dog ignore cat food even after seeing it to another level. It is usually done using lots of exercises that reward a dog for leaving the said item alone. Once your dog learns this command, you can use it to keep them away from cat food.

You can do this by introducing the cat food as the item to be left alone. Use the cat food in a variety of situations to ensure your dog obeys this command every time. It might take some time for your dog to get used to this command (typically a few weeks), but do not stop, even if you’re on a road trip. It pays off in the end; your dog would learn to ignore cat food.


Getting your dog to get its mind off the idea of eating cat food can be quite a chore. However, it is achievable, and you should employ these methods. In the end, it’s for your dog’s good. Additionally, remember to give rewards each time your dog ignores cat food. All the best! 

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