How to Keep Your Lawn Green with Dogs?

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You may think having a dog may not allow you to keep your garden as green as it should be, but it is possible.  Here are some ways.

By Guest Blogger, Luella Cooke

Having a good-looking and clean green lawn is everyone’s dream. However, having a pet, especially a dog, may not allow you to keep your garden as green as it should be. This is because of the dog’s urine which can damage the lawn to a great extent as it contains high concentrations of alkaline pH, concentrated urine, and nitrogen load. With that said, you cannot always restrict your dog from entering the garden area to avoid the lawn burn. Instead, you should look up ways to treat the damage caused by the dog’s urine.

How to Keep your Lawn Green with Dogs?

There are a few effective ways to treat lawn burns, and we have discussed them here for you. If you are a dog owner and face the lawn burn issue, you might find this article very helpful. So without further ado, dive into the article.

Urine pH and Nitrogen Load

The nitrogen content present in the dog’s urine should be between 6 and 6.5. If it has to exceed the limit, it would ultimately cause more damage to the lawn. This could lead to struvite stones and bladder stones caused by alkaline urine. You can check the pH of your dog’s urine at home with the help of pH strips. Collect the first urine sample from your dog in the morning and test it to determine the pH. If the urine is high in pH, you have to pay more attention to the foods it eats.

Also, dogs that consume high protein food produce urine that can cause lawn burn. The protein breakdown produces nitrogen which in turn damages the lawn. By giving your dog a low-carb, grain-free diet food, you can reduce nitrogen excretion to some extent.

Hydration is important

Keeping your dog hydrated is essential to keep its urine concentrated. Avoid giving it dry meals and instead add water to its dry food as it increases water intake. Make sure that your dog drinks as much water as it can. Try placing water bowls in multiple places of your house and the lawn. The canned foods are wet and are suitable for your dog as they provide hydration. So try giving wet foods to your dog rather than dry foods.

Potty train your dog

Giving potty training to your dog is not a bad idea either. Try training your dog to urinate in a particular spot or a potty so that you can avoid the lawn burns forever. Make sure that your dog pees in the potty in the very morning as the first urine passage is highly concentrated. You can encourage your dog to pee in a specific place and reward it with delightful treats every time it does.

Water the lawn

Watering the lawn frequently can significantly remove the strains of your dog’s urine. It will be easier to remove the stains from the lawn if you water them quickly. Water will dilute the highly concentrated urine and thus reduce the damage.

Choose the right grass

It is vital to choose suitable grass. If you want your lawn to be healthy-looking without any urine damage, you would go for stronger grass-like Tall Fescue grass. It is very good at handling dog urine. The grass needs less water and is also resistant to drought. You have a great variety of grass out there to choose from. Perennial ryegrass could be another best choice.

You can also take preventive measures to avoid lawn burns. You can choose Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment, which is most effective in keeping the lawn super green.

Dogonit Lawn Repair

Dogonit lawn repair is a treatment used to treat the lawn burns caused by dogs’ urine. It is not an after-treatment but a preventive measure to avoid lawn burns. The treatment contains enzymes, saponins, and plant acids. This treatment aims to flush the nitrogen salts from the roots of the grass and promote root growth. It loses the tightly packed soil and gives air, water, and plant nutrients space.

How to Employ Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment?

To employ Dogonit Treatment for your lawn, you have to spray the concentration on the affected area of your lawn. Wait for some time and then flush with water. The spray can reduce the effect of nitrogen burn on the grass. You should note that the dogonit treatment cannot do wonders on an already burnt lawn. It is just a preventive measure to save your lawn from the toxic nitrogen released from your dog’s urine.

Alongside the dogonit treatment, the dog owner should also understand the vulnerable grasses, their dog, and its diet to avoid damage to the lawn in the future. It should be noted that the female canines can release excess nitrogen through their urine which can cause significant damage to the lawn.


If you are an owner of a beautiful lawn and want to maintain it likewise, you have to pay more attention to what your dog is eating and where it is peeing. Keep in mind all the points we have raised here and rely on the dogonit lawn repair treatment as and when needed. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and try to take the preventive measure with Dogonit Treatment and save your lawn from urine burns.

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